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Favorite dispensary in Beaverton and portland! Helpful they know me by name. Never rude. Great quality of cannabis and lots of choices. Staff also makes great recommendations if you’re looking for particular types of strains or high. Just took a cartridge in to see if they do exchanges. Mine wasn’t tampered with which took them a second to find out, got the paper work filled out and got a whole new cartridge of equal value. Didn’t expect that at all so needless to say these people know what they are doing and I always recommend this place to people. Great work kaleafa staff you guys are winners in my book.
in the last week
I love this place they always have a large selection of good top shelf cannabis as well as great oil too!
in the last week
Kaleafa is my favorite dispensary after moving and living here for the last year and a half. I love how they have so many great options and I really like the staff. I’m someone who cares about service, and I go back to Kaleafa every time because of that. They make me feel welcomed every time and really understand what I’m looking for in bud. Highly recommend this place cause it’s fire! ?? Special thank you to everyone who works at Kaleafa. Thanks for taking good care of me every time. I appreciate all your guys’ help! ??????
3 weeks ago
They always have the dank at prices other stores have their bottom or mid level shelves set at. Always a great experience. Highly recommended!
3 months ago
I usually would give this place 5 stars. You have a wide variety, good quality, awesome prices, and usually the customer service is excellent. The store is kept nice and clean and the location is convenient. Yesterday was a different experience for me. I came in for the $60 ounce deal that I come for almost every week. The guy started right off by saying he hated $60 ounce days, and it totally set the tone. He discouraged weed smoking, which is not what a good weed salesperson would do. His attitude was negative and he complained through the entire transaction. The weed did not quite come to an oz, so he went to ask a supervisor what to do. He came back with a serious face and told me it would be full price. Luckily the other employees chimed in and started joking about the full price, or I would have taken this way more seriously and maybe just walked out. So I asked if I need to choose another weed and he finally said no that he was giving the same deal. I was relieved until I got home and looked at the weed. It was not only shakey, but he literally sold me stems. Sold me, stuff I cannot smoke, with no buds on them at all. The rest of the weed was pretty decent besides the stems, but this was the most sad looking pot I have EVER bought from Kaleafa in the almost 2 years I have been buying weed there. This experience was awful. He didn't even offer the discount I knew I had saved in my customer account, either. If I see that guy in there again, I might turn and walk out. I provide cleaning. If I gave a discount on my cleaning, but then did a horrible job cleaning, my clients would never call again. I have to provide the same level of service if I give my discount. You guys usually do, but I guess this one employee doesn't get it.
5 months ago

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