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I love it here! They're always very friendly and have a ton of buds to choose from with great deals! Probably the only con is that for the most part, I think mainly just because of how many strains there are, they can't really go into a lot of specifics on what type of high each strain gives you. It's usually just really general like "this is our new stuff" or "this is really popular right now". I kinda wish the tenders knew a little more detail about the effects of each strain but regardless it's a great spot with nice bud! Would def recommend!
in the last week
They have the best selection in the area. Budtenders are friendly. Prices are very good, plus you get discounts for frequently visiting. The daily deals are a steal. It can get busy at peak hours, so plan accordingly.
a month ago
This is easy my favorite store in town. It's truly a safe space. I feel like these people know me and care.
2 weeks ago
Usually the service is great here and the prices are great but today we were forced to stand in the waiting room for 10 minutes with a huge line piling up and then when someone finally came back in to help us we got to the back and there was 3 workers just standing around talking with no one to help but when we rang the bell up front they told us we had to wait. Then they decided to help the person behind us first. We knew what we wanted, we only get one thing from there every time and the workers there know us, so why was the service that bad?
a month ago
Kaleafa is my favorite dispensary after moving and living here for the last year and a half. I love how they have so many great options and I really like the staff. I’m someone who cares about service, and I go back to Kaleafa every time because of that. They make me feel welcomed every time and really understand what I’m looking for in bud. Highly recommend this place cause it’s fire! ?? Special thank you to everyone who works at Kaleafa. Thanks for taking good care of me every time. I appreciate all your guys’ help! ??????
3 months ago

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