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I’ve always have had good luck here but today was not my day. The door to the display room is so heavy and closes on its own. Today it closed on my foot while wearing a sandal. It broke my baby toe and cut it open pretty deep. I bled on my sandal and car floor the whole way home. Be careful!
Awesome selection and quality cannabis! Staff is also super friendly and helpful! Would def come back again!
Hey People, Don't Follow The Trend Of Some Reviews, As I Am Sure These Are One-On-Experiences...With That Said, I Ended Up With A "BudTender', Goes By KC...Maybe Meaning Kind Customer Service! This Dude Was A GrandFather Of Information, Must Have Completed His Kronic Studies Down On The Farm. I Chatted At The Front Desk, With The Recept And With That Happy Smile, She Set Me Up With KC. As, I Patiently Waited, Browsed, Set...I Noticed Several Distinctive Products. The Lines Started To Flood The Building And I Thought I would Get Trapped In The Closet Alone, But The Recept Was On Point. She Brought Me To The Front, As I Was Noticeably In Pain...Neither Here Nor There..., Check Out All My Goodies! The Honey Sticks Of CBD, Are The Bomb, I Felt Signs Of Relief, Almost Instantly! After Chewing The Plastic Off This Yummy Potion, My Day Went So Much Better! Being A Caregiver Is Hard Enough, But They Cared For Me This Time. O'ooo My Bad, I got $5 Off As A Virgin Connoisseur. Thanks For My 1st Ever Visit, To A Live Happening, Dispensary! The Selling Out Fast Is A Plus, Thus Keep Grinding, It's A Rough Industry. Also, Shoutout To My Asian "PorkChop'...She Use To Work There, I Met Her While Upfront, Hit Me Up,LOL!
This is where I always go. Have been to many Pot Shops around PDX and this is my favorite. I like how they have it set up so you can browz before you buy. Budtenders know what they are taking about and don't mind spending a little extra time with you answering questions. Jamie and Kelsey take good care of me.
Been going here since it opened. Prices have yet to change with the industry. Other shops will charge you $5 for the exact same bud these guys are trying to charge you $12-$15 a gram. Even grown by 'cannabis nation'. Great people and location. But that's not worth triple the price. Goodbye forever.

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