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Convenient location in town. Nice variety of flowers and the deals are the best I’ve seen in town... i am always helped quickly and whatever I have questions about they have they answers! Gotta check them out
Best dispensary in town! They take the time to listen and help. Best bystanders I've come across. They've never tried up selling me and always have fair prices.
Great products and staff was very welcoming and helpful! Nice variety of flower with good prices, probably the best in town. Service is quick but budtenders don’t mind answering any questions u may have about a particular product. Would def go again...
Great friendly staff. Tons of products and budtenders are very helpful. The prices are pretty decent & the flower is top shelf. Was a little confused open they open and close hours but other than that, great place. Must see!
Need to put a DO NOT PARK HERE sign. Or, park in designated parking. Being rude to people just losses good business. I spend about $300 a month on edibles. Not here. Owner needs to use some of his merchandise and chill out. 1: I am not handicapped I did not park in any handicap zone. 2: I was really nice and did not "Freak Out", I just left. 3: I was the only person parked there at the time -in the whole lot. 4: I am not prejudiced, I think someone that is any age can own a business. Clearly you think someone needs to be over the age of 23. 5: I was not the one that complained your "employee did". 6: How can someone not be welcomed back, when I am the one not wanting to go there? I got my edibles at a very nice dispensary - one of many in the valley- with designated parking and people that do not bark at me or care where I park. Perhaps you need to not take what your employees say as fact when they are -in there best interest- needing to cover there mistakes and jobs.