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They have more here than just cannabis! They offer other botanical products such as Valerian and Chamomile to put you to sleep. Teas and tinctures too. The budtender was a very nice lady. I appreciated that she put the purchase in a childproof bag. I am from WA and I have never seen that before, but she assured me it was standard in Oregon. I think it's a really good idea.
The people are so nice and very helpful and full of info. Thank you guys so much I will be back again soon
Excellent. Helpful, friendly staff. Good selection and very well organized
Good prices, knowledgeable staff, lots of different teas and herbal smoking mixes as well as cannabis products.
This is one of my favorite dispensaries in the area. Staff is always knowledgable, non-judgmental and very helpful. Great selection of flower. Prices aren't the cheapest in Southern Oregon but very reasonable. Never had a bad experience coming out.

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