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called once before even after reading the reviews,got wonderful service,but i think i was dealing with an owner the first time,I am bed bound and called told them what i needed and my care giver would be there to pick it up when i got off the phone.Great a second time it was some kid answered the phone on fri so very busy,i call tell him exactly what i need and he starts to argue with me for 5 min no they don't take phone ordered well u did before well must not of been on a FRI,i tell him she need to get this exact thing boom a $70 sell ,if he would of shut up listened to me and shut up_.MY care giver dose not smoke she knows nothing about weed.She even went down there and just left,so even though your less than 5 miles away.i will never use them again.... the really stupid thing....all i needed was a select cartridge 1/2 gram $ 48 to $5?.................if this is a wellness center,ya need to put more on wellness not the $ weed store is what u are then just call your self that.or train your phone staff(so who ever answers the phones can say can u hols for 1 moment please i have a call coming in,being threatening to being hung up on,because at 1 point i asked did u just hang up on me, all this kid could do is 1 thing at a time on your busy days fix it ,get a nutter person just for phones most calls just want to know how late your open...OR DROP WELLNESS CENTER,that imply s what you are not
I have an auditory and verbal disability. The owner said he would help me if I called him on the phone and asked for help. I have a medical card and was treated poorly here twice in the past. I saw they had a lot of medicine I was interested in and wanted to try again. I sent a message to Westside explaining my disability. I asked if a budtender could be made aware of my situation since it's impossible for me to explain in person. And let me know who to ask for. Seems pretty simple when I'm a medical card holder coming with $500. I always come with a list I've researched and I hand to the budtender. He/she just has to gather the items and take my money. The owner was an unprofessional abusive jerk to me. He wrote (after closing, but I never complained about his untimely response) just come in, no heads up to budtender. But if I had any recommendations for medical patients, let him know. I politely explained I asked him for what I needed. The budtender and I could both benefit from the time it would take him to pass my message along, and let me know who to ask for. The owner said he would've helped me if I had picked up a phone instead using written communication. The whole point is I can't hear or talk properly! He went on a rant about how he's fought for medical patients. ???????? This place is not safe for medical patients or people with disabilities. The owner's immature, abusive, unprofessional attitude trickles down. Never encountered such ignorance. He thinks he is "the only reason" Washington county has "medicine." ????????? I can't attach screen shots of the convo, but it's worth cutting and pasting... Me: Hi...I am a medical patient. I have researched your menu and have a long list of products I'd like to buy. I have some trouble with my hearing and really appreciate a lot of patience with my long order. I was hoping to come in at 3pm today. Will there be someone in particular I could see today that is good with medical patients? Thank you. Owner: So sorry I just am seeing this message. My staff will be able to assist you, I am confident in them. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for us in the future. We try to improve constantly with our patients needs. Me: I've been in twice before and did not have good experiences. I wanted to try again and it would help to know someone understood my situation ahead of time (thus my heads up) so I don't have to explain my medical situation in person. That's ok...I couldn't wait so I went to a shop I have had only good experiences at. I only spent some of my money there, was hoping to still get items on my list you have... but I don't think this is the place for medical patients. I'm really bummed, there was a lot of interesting meds on my list. ?? I'm not sure how much trouble it would have been to pass my message on to the sales staff and give me a name expecting me but honestly it helps both the budtender and me...other places have done it for me no questions asked. Owner: I would have gladly done so if you had called and not messaged a page that no one monitors for messages. I would still do so for you. I'm so sorry you don't feel this is a store for med patients. Just so you know, I fought this County to bring meds to patients. Without Westside fighting there would have been no meds out here. I immediatley offered you assistance when I saw a notification. I'm sorry you are so upset.. Me: Did you read the part I have a hearing disability? Sir I cannot hear properly and the phone is useless for lip reading. Thus, a written message. Have a good night. I will leaving a review with a screen shot of your absurd criticism of my behavior. Owner: No I did not
This place hella sucks with the rude and pushy staff trying to rush you when looking at their products. Won't recommend anyone I know or asks about dispensaries. Canna daddy staff way better by far with knowledge and product. Need better staff plain and simple.
Don't bother calling this place, they will tell you they have any product just to get you to come to their shop. That's not to say they don't have good products, I just don't care to be lied to.
My boyfriend and I have been coming here exclusively for months. We were relieved to have finally found a dispensary close to home with fair prices and usually good customer service. Today, that all ends. Earlier, my boyfriend called and asked about oils, asked if it was $18, and was told yes. We stop by a store to get cash back, get to Westside Wellness via bus, only to find out that the oil was not $18, it was $25. Granted, there was a 25% off deal, but it was not what we were told, so we weren’t prepared. He was $8 short to get 4 grams, so we had to run around in the soaking rain and find a place that did cash back and then come back. There was only one employee that even attempted to make the situation right by not charging us the exit bag, but that was it. I think we’ll be looking for another dispensary.

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