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Awful experience and customer service came out of there so upset I will never ever go back there. They need to be more helpful with newbies!!! Severely disappointed and taking my business elsewhere!!!!
Seemed like the employees were on drugs. showed the desk girl my I.D. reluctant to hand it to her because she was using a pushpin to dig into her arm in several places. A.K.A "picking" nasty open wounds. disinfected my I.D and hands immediately after leaving. salesperson made me feel like I was disrupting phone time to help me. it sucks cause I live two blocks away but will go out of my way to not pay this place a visit ever again. 503 trees is what I recommend.
I came in with a defective cartridge. Was clogged and had to practically turn my cheeks inside out to get a small hit. Very bad experience. I've had many cartridges before and know all the little tricks of fixing them. I brought it in for exchange and I was told it's working fine and that was that. No refund or exchange. Wasted 60$ on junk. This dispensary is right across the street from me. I don't have a lot of money to spend. They do not stand by their "48 hour defective cartridge exchange" I will never be back here. Especially after reading some of the comments your staff/owner writes back to your customers spending money keeping your business running. Extremely unprofessional. Will never step foot in here again. There were 3 people I really enjoyed that I kept coming back for. Sad I won't be seeing them again!
VET’S BEWARE! DON’T END UP LIKE ME! I went by Westside Wellness after work today and upon arrival provided them with my federally provided VA ID; they would not take it! The woman at the desk, stoned out of her mind, stroking her dog and playing with her phone, said that a military or veterans ID is not valid, meaning you need a state license to shop here; no other shop has ever done this. (For those that don’t know, a VA card has all the same info as a state ID, but provided by the federal government instead.) It is also one of the only places where they will not give you a military discount on top of the regular discounts, something I have also never encountered. Others such as Growing Re-leaf and La Mota help and welcome veterans, not run them off. They will tell you how you saved with both discounts, here they were explicit in me knowing that I have to use one discount or the other – they were the same percentage off so it is no difference, meaning, there is no real vet discount. Bad business model, ignorant people, and too many better dispensaries located nearby to give these people your hard-earned money. Support local business that deserve it, not just because it is local. No hard working veteran should have to experience what I did.
Some of the most helpful and knowledgeable people around. They always have a good selection, and decent prices. Plus they rotate strains weekly, so there is always something new to try.

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