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VET’S BEWARE! DON’T END UP LIKE ME! I went by Westside Wellness after work today and upon arrival provided them with my federally provided VA ID; they would not take it! The woman at the desk, stoned out of her mind, stroking her dog and playing with her phone, said that a military or veterans ID is not valid, meaning you need a state license to shop here; no other shop has ever done this. (For those that don’t know, a VA card has all the same info as a state ID, but provided by the federal government instead.) It is also one of the only places where they will not give you a military discount on top of the regular discounts, something I have also never encountered. Others such as Growing Re-leaf and La Mota help and welcome veterans, not run them off. They will tell you how you saved with both discounts, here they were explicit in me knowing that I have to use one discount or the other – they were the same percentage off so it is no difference, meaning, there is no real vet discount. Bad business model, ignorant people, and too many better dispensaries located nearby to give these people your hard-earned money. Support local business that deserve it, not just because it is local. No hard working veteran should have to experience what I did.
Some of the most helpful and knowledgeable people around. They always have a good selection, and decent prices. Plus they rotate strains weekly, so there is always something new to try.
Tl;Dr :: PLEASE SUPPORT ANYONE ELSE. Pretentious hippy might not be a phrase you've ever heard before, and that's because I believe they genuinely created the word itself. If 0 stars were an option, they'd have it. These people RIP OFF local farmers and people from older communities, their prices are higher than what I'd consider top shelf to be worth, (eg 27% is 18/g, 18% is 16/g, etc.) and all but two of their employees have been nothing but rude and short to me. Please support dispensaries that are invested in their customers and not in their bank accounts. The people are the last line of defense against corruption and against people taking advantage of us. So that they cannot dispute this review, I have used my PERSONAL google account to write it, and will personally respond to anyone with questions. PLEASE SUPPORT ANYONE ELSE. I hope they know why I have written this review, and I hope they see it and change for the better. I've been using this dispensary since late last year, so almost a year now, and they have changed employees quite a bit, but somehow only the bad ones have stuck around. I hope it is due to poor management, but they seem more like a shady dealer than a dispensary. If you've read this far, thank you for reading. Please use this information to find better weed literally anywhere because not only are new shops opening all the time, but the prices are only getting cheaper unlike this dispensary. I also want to make a note of one very kind budtender at this dispensary. You were always very kind and personable to me and my dad and I hope you find a job with less pretentious coworkers. - Sincerely, a long-standing medical patient that would really hate to see you become what legality was supposed to prevent.
It's a bummer that I came on here originally planning on giving a better review about the store itself because the prices are pretty great, selection is fairly consistent, and you guys have made some cool visual display updates. There are 2 specific budtenders there who I really enjoy working with who keep me coming back (unfortunately, the others couldn't care less). That being said, I will not support a business who speaks to their customers on a public front the way you have the audacity to. Why whoever is representing your company signed up for a customer service position is beyond me, as it appears they hate your customers. I'm surprised no one else has said should have been fired, like yesterday. Like months ago. Look up my account and flag me or whatever. I'm sure there are legal consequences for that one and have no problem testing it. I purchase from your company trusting that my personal information and purchase history will be CONFIDENTIAL and apparently it isn't. That's enough reason to stop shopping here in itself. And yes, I know you have thousands of other customers and "don't need me", but that's how businesses go down - alienating your customer base one by one. Bad word spreads much faster than good word, and you should really take your customers' feedback to heart and..I don't know, respect them because they are literally the reason you are there? If you had no one to sell to, you wouldn't be in business.. You guys ask for their reviews and then can't formulate a professional answer if they dare to disagree with you. If this is your management team, you need an overhaul and your store could really shine. You've got lots of larger companies trying to move towards the West side and they've got great customer service. You know this industry moves fast, and your store will quickly be forgotten if you don't step it up. *insert sassy emojis here*
This place is great! I highly recommend it. They have a great range of price and strains. And the staff is so friendly and happy to answer all questions.

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