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Not bad I like what they sell
in the last week
Place is great! Guys behind the counter are awesome and helpful with everything you need. If they don’t have it there they can find it for you
a week ago
Visited this shop and was shocked at the assortment of cannabis. They had some bags that were full of seeds, lousy product! The gentleman said they use the largest grower in Oklahoma. I said “perhaps you need a better grower”. They should be embarrassed to even put that product on the shelves!!!
a week ago
These guys need to stick to selling bongs! Went in to look around and noticed the plants for sale were completely infested with Hemp Russet Mites (fatal to Cannabis kills 100% of the time) for $50 each apparently these PIRATES! don't care if these will never make it to flower or that you will take these home to your garden and infest all your other plants! As long as they get they're 50 bucks, Come on ziggy have some class and be responsible...wont be buying any of their buds for sure, no telling what they sprayed with.
8 months ago
I spent $75 for 120mg of edibles. Gummies, and cotton candy that says “contains thc” on the label. I did not get a receipt, nor think to ask for one while shopping, as this is only my third dispensary to visit in Oklahoma and this is all new to me. My problem is not the cost, surprisingly, my problem is that they were ineffective with 0 thc effects. I feel ripped off since I didn’t get what I paid for. The staff was very nice and very helpful and they have what looks to be a good selection of pipes so I did give them two stars despite being scammed out of my money.
6 months ago

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