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Great product, prices and service! I will be back ??
3 months ago
Really nice and helpful folks every time I go in here. My favorite dispensary to buy from. Their flower is high quality.
2 months ago
Have been here several times. Have always gotten great service and flower. My last visit bought some Moby Dick..... Paid over $65 and came home to find my buds were over 1/2 seeds. Called to ask if they were aware. Was told yes we know we talked to grower... So really you know its full of seed and still sell at a premium price without informing the customer. Also the buds on display did not have any visible seeds. So they were purposely hiding the fact that it is full of seeds; in my opinion. That is Ridiculous.
4 months ago
What a wake up! I've just moved from Portland and this place takes it back to compassion! The ATF was a fantastic high! Great knowledge, product and atmosphere! I'll be back...
5 months ago
DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!! I Went in on 4/20 for my first time at any dispensary, I got some crumble and a cartridge, they overcharged me $15 on my cartridge, it was marked as $45 & they rung me up for a $60 cartridge. When I brought it to their attention they denied it and argued with me for half an hour on the phone. I finally had to have a friend of mine (a business owner himself) explain it repeatedly in the most simple terms for them to understand that they did in fact overcharge me $15. The lady on the phone said I would have a credit at the store so before driving across town I called and asked if I still had the credit before I went back to buy and spend more. The girl said oh our manager looked at it and doesnt think so but if u would like to speak to her about it she might be in this weekend. Well I work every weekend. I asked the girl to get my name and number and let her know I called and if she could give me a call back. It is almost June and I've still yet to hear from them and they still deny that they completely and blantly overcharged me. With all the business medical marijuana is bringing in you really cant budge on $15 that YOU originally messed up on in the first place?? I had every intention on returning and spending more money here even after their mess up but the fact that the manager/owner could not make time for a simple phone call to own up and apologize yet I am told she denies it even happened, is incredibly sketchy business. I am disgusted these thieves are in this business.
5 months ago

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