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Love the employees here!!! The budtenders at this location are definitely the best!! I am a repeat customer and will continue to be as long as the customer service stays as welcoming as they have been since day one! Every visit is pleasant and engaging, even if im not feeling well, the people at this location always make me feel better. Thank you.
in the last week
I just moved around this area and this is most definitely my "home" dispensary! Absolutely love it here! The bud tenders are the best... I know alot of people say that but seriously they know their flower. you can tell they actually know what they're talking comes out so natural. Plus the front desk reception Guy is so chill and nice. Have not purchased anything I havent enjoyed ???
in the last week
This was my very first dispensary and I have had only good experiences every time I went back. The male receptionist is nothing but friendly and welcoming and all three male bud tenders I have had got me exactly what I needed and was great with product knowledge! I have yet to buy any bad product, love it all! Especially their pre-roll pack :)
3 weeks ago
See update below: I love this place. I pass about 12 shops on my way here. I have tried many but just couldn't get both customer service and product cost/selection to come together. My doc said to try fire station. I was very pleased with greeting and sign in. Immediately helped by nice tender who answered all my questions and listened to my needs. Did Not steer me to most expensive product rather the one that was on special that day. Usually twice the price so decided to try it. This was not just one they needed to get rid of. I got the desired outcome and am definitely going back. Update 8/31/19: I have tried 3 times now to find what works yet no luck. The product selection is lacking now unless you want to pay 25-40 gram. Notification of special at 10am yet arriving 10:15 and out of it yet "we have this one but price is higher". Of course it is. Just don't get fooled into buying overpriced.
2 months ago
Probably one of the better dispensaries out there. Small waiting room, but usually it's not an issue as they move you through pretty quickly. The staff are fairly knowledgeable of their product, whose menu rotates fairly frequently. They also have frequent sales, just make sure you get there early in the day as they are limited supply only. Good product, good prices, just be aware they don't include tax on their flower price listing. ( My original review detailed a failed attempt to get one of their sale items. It was fairly hot, and had walked up there after confirming they had an indica on sale. Got up there, and found that just a few people had cleaned out their entire sale inventory in a matter of moments because they didn't restrict sales of it. Was offered a more expensive item instead, which didn't fit my budget. I went back the next day first thing when they opened and was able to get a different deal. They had proffered the same discount after seeing my review, to be fair, but I'd scraped up a little more cash so it didn't seem right to abuse their generosity)
3 months ago

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