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Amazing experience. Quality product, convenient location, friendly staff, ATM located indoors and discreet packaging!
a month ago
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THESE THIEVES! OR YOU BETTER BRING YOUR OWN SCALES! They cheated my mother 1 whole gram when she paid them $100 for 5 grams. They also sold her marijuana which was $20 per gram and it was completely full of seeds after she was specifically asking for TOP shelf! They said they only get what they get and that was their top shelf, that came from the owner herself. I told her that top shelf is never full of seeds and that’s something she should know as a medical marijuana dispensary owner. Brandi clearly took advantage of what she thought was an inexperienced patient. What happened was Brandi an employee told her it was top shelf and it was $20 per gram so she bought $100 worth. When we called about the terrible products my mother received after seeing it when she got home, Allysa who is the honest employee answered the phone and actually found out we were charged exactly double. She found out the product That was sold to was at top shelf prices was only 19% thc which was a lower grade product and only $10 per gram. The owner of this business refused to make it right other than giving my mom the $50 she was “accidentally overcharged”. Thank you Allysa for being the only honest person we spoke to.
2 months ago
This is my favorite dispensary. Oftentimes there are specials with purchases. All taxes are included, and there is no additional charges like some "tax is included in costs" dispensaries that will charge a dollar or two on top of the included tax costs. Sandi and Brandi are very polite and professional. Come by, tell them Brian sent you.
5 months ago
The place has a small variety of strains, a couple waxes, and concentrates, and just a few other things. They charge $13 a g for all strains besides their house special which is $5 a g. I tried what the lady behind the counter told me was best. I only wanted a little less than a g, just enough to roll a small personal sample joint of what they were pushing as their top shelf. But she told me that she would only sell me at least a gram. So okay, fine, whatever, 1 full gram of your finest...and off to the backroom she went, where I couldn't see what she was doing to weigh up my selection. Bait and switch? I hope not, but how am I supposed to know what she sold me? I splurged on a full gram of flower that looks kinda flat and stringy and very sad looking for the best they have to offer. Realistically the bud didn't seem grown well enough to have the THC content they are claiming it had been tested at. They do have the cheap $5 grams but I definitely didn't want to try their cheapest bud after seeing what their best looked like. If you're looking for the absolute cheapest bud you can find, this is probably the place for you. Unfortunately, it is not the place for me and I will not be returning... And no, sorry. There are no amount of edibles you could feed me to change my previous experience. I tried your store. I saw what you have to offer and witnessed the way you conduct business. The ONLY reason I gave you 2 stars is because you sell some cheap bud. I don't want to try it , I mean, you get what you pay for. But I do at least respect that you are helping some people out with those $5 grams. It definitely didn't at all look like something I wanted to smoke though...
3 months ago
I don't know about you! But I like quality medication that works and works well, bottom shelf ,10 a gm with the thc @ 22%, top shelf 28-29% thc, - 20 a gm, Sandy was awesome and is well educated in this industry,and has the best medication I've tried so far! When your tired of the recreational, see her for for the real medication that will definitely please you! Don ( Randy) Wilson, Tulsa patient...
4 months ago

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