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Very nice and convenient. Quality products. Thank you for being here for us.
in the last week
I always get gr8 service at unbeatable prices there. They have wonderful people working there
7 months ago
I've been buying kratom here since it was the owner selling it out of his house, so at least 5 years I think. The staff are usually helpful and sweet, and Paula is an absolute angel. They always have quality products at a competitive price. Easily my favorite place to buy from! However, their selection has dwindled to pretty much nothing and it's been getting that way for months. Last time I went to the Peoria store, there were maybe 2-3 strains available, their usual selection is 10+. They've told me that they keep getting shipments seized but every other store I go to that carries it is well stocked. Kinda makes me wonder if it's truly bad luck or if it's bad planning. Idk I'm sure they could get something through if they did a temporary price hike? A slightly more expensive selection would surely be better than none at all. Unfortunately due to the selection issues, I've started going elsewhere for my purchases. But I will happily return once they get stocked up again :-)
4 months ago
Best prices I could find locally. I always go here for my Kratom. Staff is always friendly :)
5 months ago
If I was rating this store for 2018 I would have given it 5 stars. The prices are a little high but the quality was reliably good. This year though it seems really hit or miss. I've gotten some pretty mediocre bags of strains that used to be good, and one that was not only weak but was the worst tasting kratom I've ever had. I typically like the taste, but that one was completely unusable without getting sick. I've gotten some good bags too recently, but the quality is just so variable now. I don't know what they have been doing recently but things are not moving in a good direction, especially when there is a store right next to them that has a much wider selection and better prices.
5 months ago

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