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Love love love this place. Everyone is so warm and welcoming. It has a nice peaceful vibe in there. Good product at even better prices. A special thank you for my birthday present!
in the last week
These people know their stuff! They are always so nice and welcoming. They have great daily deals! Stop in and tell em Sheena sent you! U won't be disappointed!!
2 weeks ago
The staff are all great. They have nice selection of decent quality, cheap, mid grade bud and offer $8 grams of their strain of the day, everyday. Great value for the price and prices are out the door with no added tax on top of their quoted prices. A great dispensary!
3 weeks ago
They are super friendly. Great pricing and wonderful daily specials. One of my favorite dispensaries if not the best. Thanks for all the good bud and shake.
a month ago
Great dispensary! Bloomers has a nice variety of flower and other products, excellent customer service, and their prices beat out the competition. It has a very friendly, cozy vibe. The owner and employees clearly care very much about providing a great product at the best price and making sure customers have a good experience. I highly recommend it!
3 months ago