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Swindled- me and a friend were driving back to Tulsa from visiting a friend in the hospital in Tahlequah, we decided to stop at this despencerry, I was excited that they had "Silver Haze" so bought 4grams and it was horrible! I know they have to test it before selling the product so the grower and sellers are both responsible for the final product. I'd be embarassed to sell what I got from them. There goes your hard earned money down the toilet just like the product.
a month ago
Always friendly and helpful! Good quality products, especially the edibles!
5 months ago
So far this place has the best deal in town for edibles.
4 months ago
The worst dispensary I have ever been to. I took out $30 from the dispensary ATM and no one would give me the cash nor address the situation. As a dispensary worker I am very disappointed and unsatisfied. I cannot imagine treating my patients the way I was treated. Good luck for the future.
5 months ago
Really cool crew. Very knowledgeable.
6 months ago

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