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Friendly and professional staff, great prices, a wide variety to choose from, and great quality!
a week ago
The door man sounded like he doesn't believe in weed. Ether that or he just didn't want to help a potential customer. Ether or I'm moving on down the road and will find another 1 and go through them
3 weeks ago
Great group! Very friendly and greeting! They currently were out of what i was looking for but found me something better and took very good care of me! Definitely will be back when in OKC!
a month ago
Quality of flower is poor. High prices compared to nearby shops. I'm a 50+ year old male who has been using marijuana for 30+ years in different countries across the globe. I've been to hundreds of dispensaries over the years, and rarely am off-put by them. Until now. Granted, Oklahoma dispensaries are new, but Ringside Medical just is off-putting with unfriendly staff, bad flower, and high prices. The location is great- near the NW OKC/Edmond line, with easy access to the turnpike and highway. Restaurants/shops nearby, so it's a quick stop. The staff and store are not a welcoming environment or knowledgeable. Oklahoma is new to legal MMJ, so perhaps my standards are too high. I just found it an unfriendly environment and somewhere I didn't want to return to. Perhaps you'll like it, even though I didn't. Their OG Kush was disappointing, but their Blue Dream was fine. The OG Kush seemed like it was grown my some amateur who didn't use proper soil, nutrients, lightning, etc. It was raggedy and sad looking. A few things to keep in mind if you choose to shop there: They have a pretty decent selection of flower, edibles, topicals, cartridges, and accessories. It's pricier than my usual dispensaries, and the quality of the flower I've tried from here is lower. You can use a credit card there (by way of their "ATM" scanner) for a $3 fee. Dispensaries "can't" accept credit cards, so they get around this by having a portable "ATM" to run your credit/debit card as an ATM or cash advance. Make sure you know your debit or credit card ATM PIN number for this if you want to pay by debit/credit card. Cash is easier & $3 less. No window shopping at Ringside Medical allowed until you let them scan your info and save it in their system, and they won't tell you what they'll do with that info for marketing, etc. I don't mind them scanning my info since I'm sure that info is easily found in public record anyway, but find it sad that kids with cancer (and OMMA Patient Cards) can't go in to get their medicine at Ringside Medical. I also find it excessive that a store wants your name/address/DOB/license numbers/etc. before you even buy anything. That's not necessary nor normal at other dispensaries. But, okay, their store, their rules. I'll do it. Normal dispensaries scan your OMMA card when you purchase something. Not before you even set foot inside their door. Like I said, their private business, their rules, and not something I personally mind, but plenty of people would. If you have a minor patient under 18, be aware that
a month ago
Very nice dispensary, well organize and clean. The staff are great and they have a schedule of daily discounts, which was a nice surprise Everything I purchased has met or exceeded expectations. Definitely will be returning.
5 months ago

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