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I highly recommend this place. They have fantastic prices. Their dab/shatter/wax are legit the ??!! Pre-Rolls. . Flower. ?? .. Check them out. You will definitely be happy!! Luke Stockton
in the last week
I went for the deals. Tried their shake. It's not shake its chopped up stems. I should have known. Get what you pay for. They had good reviews but I assume that has something to do with the free pre roll they give you when you leave them a review at the register. Speaking of the register it took them 15 min to ring up a single item order. That's not my time in line that's my Time at the register. Employees seem to lack even a basic knowledge of the store in general. Security was cool when I came in and not so much on the way out. There was a nice young lady at the front. I will go somewhere else next time and pay more if need be. You get what you pay for people.
a week ago
I live within walking distance to Project Releaf which is why I initially started going. Everyone was very nice, the product was decent, especially for the price, but I no longer enjoy spending my time and money here. I come in weekly and am to the point where I rarely recognize any employee. You can tell they rotate through employees by the lack of consistency and equal knowledge among the staff. The staff treats the dispensary more like a night club. There will be 8 employees, 6 people waiting, and 4 of the employees are talking joking around talking to each other. Not to mention the fact that you often have to sit and wait in the lobby because there are too many people. They have good deals, but you get what you pay for. I move in two weeks and will no longer be giving Project Releaf my business.
3 weeks ago
I love this place! They have the best prices in town and they are open 24/7. I have been to a lot of dispensaries and this is one of the best!
a month ago
This is the only dispensary I go to! We’ll make the 15-20 minute drive and pass several dispensaries, just to come here. The staff is amazing! The selection is huge, prices are very fair. Awesome security! Love it??
a month ago

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