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Knowledgeable great atmosphere good products ... overall great experience.
a week ago
On my first ever visit, I was supposed to get half off on whatever I was going to buy(1 Gram of wax) and the customer service ladies informed me I was already in their system which was a straight up lie because I only ever go to Fire Leaf ever since I got my card. Over priced as well
a month ago
I have no problem with lotus gold my problem is with this location specifically. The only reason I’ve gone into this location is because it’s most convenient for me. I have been in this store at least times 4 or 5 times. But usually I go to the one in mid-west city because I know the owner personally and get deals. First of all, it doesn’t matter what time you go in between 2-4:20 they NEVER have the $5 pre-rolls at happy hour.. there is a bunch of teenagers running the place who seem to know what they’re talking but don’t.. when you ask questions they all have to ask someone else. Then, at any other lotus gold you go to if you bring your back back you get $2 off your future purchases.. depending on which bag you’re given the bag ACTUALLY SAYS $2 OFF ! Well usually at the other stores I don’t have to ask about the bag discount they usually just notice I have my bag and take off the two dollars.. at this location I had noticed they weren’t taking off the two dollars and I kinda just thought to myself maybe they just forgot.. so the last time I was in I was like .. “hey I brought my bag, don’t i get $2 off?” and she and the other employee proceed to tell me that it’s not a “real discount” it just means that I don’t have to buy another bag.. I knew better but I just accepted I wasn’t getting the discount and walked out.. if it wasn’t for the fact that every other lotus gold has the discount then I wouldn’t have thought anything of it.. after all it’s only $2 that doesn’t even cover the tax of your purchase.. just frustrating that they were dishonest or ignorant.. and when they told me it wasn’t a discount they said it as if a bunch of people have asked about it.. so why not ask your manager before just telling people something you don’t even know is factual.
2 months ago
Was in there yesterday the girl with the blue hair wish I remembered her name was on point in here. She was very detailed on information could relate on my gfs needs and was smiling the entire time. The other workers as well had each customer in tune with direct knowledge and experience and made our visit the best by far.
3 months ago
I like it's a lot. Honestly the overall experience was 4.5 stars. The staff is all very kind, knowledgeable, and friendly. Very good edibles and concentrates but I wasn't a huge fan of their selection on flower. It was very limited and I wasn't personally didn't like any of their strains and they all seemed underpowered compared to other dispensaries with the same strains. Overall, a very positive experience and I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to get edibles or concentrates and to talk to knowledgeable employees
6 months ago

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