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Everyone has already said this place is competitively priced, has great staff, good selection. I'd like to add it's gorgeous as well! Beautifully decorated, local artist of the month all over one wall. Loved it!
a month ago
Most knowledgeable dispensary I've been to so far with the best flower and clones as well. They have the tallest healthiest clones I've seen so far plus they are competitive with anyone on price.
3 months ago
Love it here! The lift ticket is my absolute favorite. I dont go anywhere else.
2 months ago
*Locally cultivated organic flowers with very high THC. *Welcoming, knowledgeable, understanding staff take the time to listen to your concerns before offering accurate, effective professional advice. *Great discounts every day. Don't throw your empties away. Bring them to Emerald Alley and 20 empties gets you 10% off all day every day. *Emerald Alley proudly distributes the local Red Bud brand which even has it's own soil company around the corner. Keep our dollars in our community, y'all. *BE KIND TO YOURSELVES TODAY* *SUPPORT EMERALD ALLEY*
6 months ago
Alright here's the skinny, I walk up to the window and the proprietor slides it open and KABLAM heaven hits me right in the nostrils. I've been to a few places in town but guess what this place is the best thus far. This was my first experience so I got myself a discount and I am Happy, you get what you pay for people, they call it top shelf for a reason!! I got some good info from these cats, you should definitely check them out.
8 months ago

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