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Usually I never have a problem and I can't say the flower is bad it's fantastic but today or should I say yesterday being that it's 1 a.m. I bought two grams of gelato 33 and it was mostly stems just kind of threw me off because I've never had anything but quality from them I'm going to have to say if that's what I'm going to receive when I buy to grams I won't be coming back. It's been well over a week with no response other than telling me how they would make it right I work hard for my money and I thought these guys were legit apparently I thought wrong you have lost my business and I'll be making sure to put the word out.
2 weeks ago
Bought 1/4 of Blue magoo. Yes, it's cheap Yes they told me..What they failed to mention is it's all stems.. literally. I live a ways away so no chance I was going to drive back. I really like this place and the Employees. May have to find a New one.
2 weeks ago
Great people and great product. What more can you ask for? Edit:After more time going to this dispensary, they have edged out every other dispensary that I went to. They solely have my business because every trip has been a 5 star experience.
a month ago
Wide selection of great concentrates. Have not tried the flower yet, been going there for months and the prices are a bit high for my taste. Great staff and concentrates though. Thanks ACC!
2 months ago
I'm very happy with this cannabis shop. When I say I have looked for the best prices on vapor pens I have looked everywhere and even with all the other bud shops have specials and sales this place still comes in clutch with first place. There wax is really good to I've tried three of those and all of there pens they have in stock. Never once disappointed. But when it comes to green there are places that have cheaper deals but American cannabis steal comes in with good prices with great bud .
5 months ago