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I literally feel that I HAVE to change my review. I was a regular customer from opening day to a few months back. Spent a lot of money until a few months back. The edibles were changed to some chopped up pieces of strips that were rock hard. That was my first disappointment. The next is that I can not prove that the 1937 carts, chug life , I've had them all from this store. I was treated for a lung infection a few months ago at the ER . I already felt strongly at the time that these were the cause as I had also started coughing nasty mucous up. I have not been back to this store or purchased the products elsewhere since. If you are truely in it for the medicinal value you should be the first to pull this off your shelves and from the 100s of stores you ship to, until an actual safe method if there is one, is found. Medical Marijuana is to help not hurt. I speak to this store directly because I am a former customer as well as I am aware of the distribution that comes from here. I hope to return one day for quality edibles and flower. I'm sorry that would be a syringe not a cart. Used for the same dab/smoke . This was the only store I shopped at for a long time. I've had litterally all your brands from the beginning to a few months ago. Also I have no issues since I stopped carts and dabs. The research and my personal experience shows even what is considered "pure" is no good. I would hope that all medical dispensary would immediately stop selling until the issue is resolved. Non medical well they prob aren't concerned with health anyways.
in the last week
Great customer service, very educated staff, great selection, fairly priced.
a week ago
Poor quality flower and the staff is not knowledgable and quite rude. Will not come back.
a month ago
Friendliest and most knowledgeable dispensary in the metro. Huge variety of products and reasonable prices. The flower selection is vast, over 40 strains available currently.
4 months ago
Absolute best prices in state on edibles ESPECIALLY Thursdays. You’ll start feeling like everywhere else is a rip-off. They provide snacks and drinks as a courtesy. Extremely professional. Brett is one of the City’s best budtenders.
2 months ago

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