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Great price and quality. Superb service!
a month ago
Jakob was a very helpful and kind employee, answered every one of my questions and helped me pick the best pipe for me, will be coming back !
7 months ago
Bought a half ounce of Jedi Kush Premium and I'm picking seeds from the buds. There shoudn't be any seeds in "premium" cannabis, and they should know better. I won't be back.
6 months ago
Not sure why this place exists anymore. They always up charge on things, have hardly any stock, and seem like they’re in a bout of depression when asking anything. The store itself is also very shabby and offputting. I assume it mostly still exists to rip off stupid high schoolers (just down the road). The Moore location is even more destitute
7 months ago
Ziggy's has always been around in one form or another to help Supply those who choose to smoke flowers. It's kind of hard to evaluate them right now because the industry is changing so rapidly because it has just begun here. They still seem more old school, I got a beautiful hand blown green iridescent green glass water pipe that is superb. I like to put grapefruit vodka in it instead of water, it's a nice taste. And they've got rolling supplies but I don't know how much they gone into THC distribution. They were the first people in town to have CBD when that became legal and so there was no option to go elsewhere and now there's a new marijuana-related business on virtually every corner which makes me sad, because they aren't all going to make it. I haven't had time to check them all out, because I was so pleased with the first place I went to named Grateful Bud. But as a historian, I have to give props to Ziggy's for having been around through years of harassment and depression by law enforcement, helping provide those who consume THC with the supplies necessary to do that. So I have to go check out their flowers.
6 months ago

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