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They had what I wanted.
2 weeks ago
This is the first dispensary I've come across that sells decent mid-priced cannabis. That being said, their flower selection at the high end is a bit lackluster, but they get stuff in all the time. I was quite pleased with the level of product knowledge displayed by both budtenders on my visits. Overall good selection of glass for sure and good prices on all their products. I'd recommend Ziggy's in a heartbeat.
3 weeks ago
Great selection of glass pipes. A few other accessories. For such a large store I wish they carried a wider variety of things. I did not see edibles flower or any type of thc products and very few CBD products. So they must not stock a lot if that’s not the issue. Things do need to be more visible. Nice employees! They are just sometimes overwhelmed because they did not have enough help.
3 months ago
Good price for a half oz, full big nugs, 100 a half, gassy stuff, no distillate, pens, wax, or edibles. Large selection of glassware, either Pyrex or Crystal, some felt cheap and imported. But most I could tell were local crafts and were honestly gorgeous. Would be more consistent if the customer service was better, and there was a bigger selection. Maybe have the employees cut down on their “smoke breaks” lol
5 months ago
Ok place good service.not much in the way of flower lots of smoking devices
5 months ago

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