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This place,while hard to locate, has amazing products that work! Discounts are given to SSI, SSD patients.
in the last week
pricing is way to high for 1/2 the amount you would recieve at other locations and the medication is not even the same quality. Hopefully their recent purchase out un Colorado will help decrease prices.
in the last week
I was pretty impressed with my first visit everyone there was incredibly nice and very knowledgeable. They definitely made the experience top-notch and if you can afford it I would definitely recommend this place. Especially the topical lotions it does wonders for back pain
a week ago
I will tell you why I can only give Columbia Care Dispensary 2 stars. It's not the employees because I was treated very well when I visited. The first reason is cost. Columbia Care has some of the highest prices in the state for less product. I doubt there is that huge of a difference in quality between what you get from Columbia versus other NY dispensaries. Dispensary in Amherst is a lot more affordable. Second issue is the location they chose. It just sucks! No private parking lot so you are forced to cross busy 104 on foot, and the abandoned Kodak building doesn't exactly have a "welcome" feel to it when you go in. As a medical marijuana patient I would go to Columbia Care only if there were no other options. I hope we get one or two more dispensaries here in Rochester which hopefully will drive the prices down somewhat.
3 months ago
I love the staff there. They are great, friendly, available to answer any questions you may have. I love the product. Although very pricey because of it not being legalized yet. If you are on a New York state program you get 15% off. At least we get some kind of discount although not alot.
7 months ago

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