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place waist of my time !! show up on a sunday at 7pm as a new walk in.. they make you fill out some paper work first then they mention we will call you tomorrow for a virtual consultation and can NOT PURCHASE today.. go down the street to CURELEAF you can buy the day you walk in .. no call
a week ago
They offer free delivery. Products work well, and finnally at a reasonable price. They also validate your parking, if you drive to the office . Staff is very friendly, very minimal wait time.
a month ago
My go to dispensary in Queens. The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about products available, and pharmacists take extra care in educating patients about the effects individuals may experience when using cannabis. I highly recommend their new distillates. Clean and fast-acting. I'd also recommend (if the option is available) to take advantage of online ordering ahead of time, and setting up a CanPay account for quick transactions.
2 months ago
They were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, honest & responsive, which is important when you are still finding your balance. I haven't tried their products yet, but with Free delivery Daily, I'll be able to give 'em a review by this time tomorrow. & if for some reason i/you don't like their products, or want something they don't make, they carry products from numerous other companies, some of which I've tried & would use again. In summation, this could be a one stop shop without the stop. Thanks Vireo
2 months ago
It was my first time at this place. Its not as nice as other dispensary I've been to. I didn't know I had to make a special appointment to speak to a pharmacist to be allowed to make a purchase. I've been going to other dispensary for about 6 months so I know what I wanted. Plus parking is tuff over there. Only reason I give them 3 stars is the staff were nice.
2 months ago

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