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Has poor customer Service like not being greeted when you come in to not thanking you for your purchase. Prices are the HIGHEST in town(disp) . Lisa is not knowledgeable about what is indica or Sativa . The rewards program is ok. You spend $750 and get a $80 grab, mean while you go broke at $14 a gram. Compassionates has $8 and $10 grams in Dec and gives you a sample once a day with your purchase.Pecos has good buds(some are not buds but almost shake) however prices are not reasonable for the times . Nice couches to sit on (2),however not much of a Lobby. Needs to show Customers more respect. You have to ask to get put in a drawing ...?show more respect to customers. Also General Manager (Clint) comes off as very Stern . This place does get you in and out usually the fastest of all 3 disp.
a month ago
$14 a gram is an out Rage. Then they treat you Like a “Patient” which everyone that works there is . Treat the customers like there paying your wages. Manager is doing ok. Assistant manager...they have good buds however you have to be able to dish out for it. It’s to bad for people who need it. It feel like exploitation . Legalization will put these people out of business($14 A Gram)$40 for .5 gram cartridge (wow). But then and only then will there prices go down. Boy cot until they lower there prices.
a month ago
Thank you staff for your wonderful service & hospitality, My husband Nick & I love it!!
3 months ago
These are really nice people in Roswell. I'm sure they are the same in Ruidoso!
4 months ago
As soon as I walked in the door, Danika made me comfortable and helped me with everything I needed. Danika is the best!
5 months ago

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