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There has not been a one-time where it has not been respectful totally sweet awesome homie warm it's almost like you go there and he just want to sit and visit you know you want to you want to just talk to everybody so homey so cozy it's it's one in a million I've been to other shops where it's not so cozy strictly sit down and be quiet and the people there they are so blessed they are awesome they have great personalities they care for their clients and they always try to work with you
a month ago
This places name really speaks volumes about how the company treats customers to include affordable prices , FREE drawings unlike the other 2 disp that charge for their drawings. Also the feel isn’t “I won’t all your money” like Peco Valley Disp. The new employees have turned this place around .Manager please don’t talk over customers when their being helped .
a month ago
Awesome staff.. love the friendly attitudes.. Especially Love the fact that it's about the persons needs and what helps.. Thank You Compassionate Distribution
2 months ago
I love coming here. The staff is always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about what they are selling. First time I bought a vape cartridge there I also bought a battery, which when I got home, didn't work. I called the staff, and next thing you know I am there and they are helping me figure out whats up with the battery. Long story short, the battery was bad, but they happily replaced it with an even better one for my trouble. These guys are the best, don't bother with Pecos and their over priced and limited stock.
6 months ago
The staff at first was very welcoming, until I wanted return black moldy green crack. I came in with the greatest expectations, left in tears. They were not compensating for it at all. I bought a gram and a half of green crack and it was full of black mold. I called they said they would fix everything when I got back they didn't fix anything. They used 3.5 of my units and all I left with was a joint and a half gram of what might be moldy harvest blend. I would not recommend ever going here especially if you are a patient who holds value to their medicine and units.
8 months ago

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