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This dispeansary is a ripoff. Ultra Health has a better product selection for half as much as New Mexicann, and UH completely fills their vape cartridges. NMC sells catridges that are slightly more than half full. The manager is also rude, racist, and doesn't want to do anything but sit in the office and eat. She has worked at several places in Espanola and has always been bad at customer service, like when she worked at Boost. I was also sold two almost expired catridges that had leaked all over the packaging. UH can open their containers to quality control, unlike NMC. Often, the Greenleaf cartridges don't work with the batteries. I will not be going to this dispensary unless it is the last in NM. Even then I may just drive to CO instead.
a week ago
Their cannabis is always the best! They have a very knowledgeable staff, and very friendly as well. A very happy place to be!!
a month ago
I am a patient from Santa Fe I always like buying from the Santa Fe store it’s way better. Nicer staff, lower prices, and you won’t get burnt out of any flower. On Saturday or Sunday I paid 70$ for four grams of flower and a edible. Everything seemed great until I got home I checked inside my paper bag that all my goodies were in and I was missing a whole gram of flower that I paid for. I only had 3 grams they ripped me off a whole gram I called the store but they were already closed so I left a voicemail. The next morning I didn’t hear anything from the store so I contacted their Instagram. Whoever is the owner of the Instagram told me that they would talk to the store manager in Espanola and that the store manager from Espanola was going to call me to let me know about the whole gram of flower that they never put into my bag. Til this day nobody has contacted me no store manager or anything I hope you really don’t go to this store plus bud is cheaper in Santa Fe.
2 months ago
Go to a dispensary to get good quality medicine!! I just got a pre r and it was all leafy gave me a headache and all!!
3 months ago
I don't smoke flower so I'm not sure how its been but the menu has a good selection of sativas, hybrids, and indicas with a good terpene profile. Bud clocks in around 23-25% THC which is plenty. Your body can only absorb so much at once. Staff is always super friendly and the rude one looks to be either on a long vacation or another shop. Good selection of live resin, crumble, and rosin. No shatter but shatter is pretty much dead by now anyways. Stop in and don't knock it till you try it
6 months ago

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