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Last updated on Saturday, September 14, 2019


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Great place I really enjoy the flower well since that's all I've tried from there but greet atmosphere great awesome workers, they r all really nice. I only know two of there names that work there but there is three others I don't member but Bianca and her brother r both awesome very helpful and so nice, Julie who is very nice and sweet also another guy that helped me my first time there along with Julie and last but not least the beautiful blue eyed lady thats usually working the front desk she is so so nice and sweet and always makes me feel welcomed and appreciated. DONT FORGET MONDAY MADNESS INHOUSE STRAINS 9$ A GRAM AND MY FAV FRI YOU GET A PREROLL WITH ANY PURCHASE ONE PER PERSON!!
a week ago
Banana Split, I love it. Plus I received great prices and service.
a week ago
I really enjoy going to shift. Great flower! Bud tenders are knowledgeable.
3 weeks ago
One of my favorite dispensaries in Albuquerque offers you high quality strain of medicine as well as other cannabis products and the staff is friendly check it out.
a month ago
Amazing staff. Always friendly. They over charged me on a strain that was supposed to be on sale. They compensated me. Even gave me a free honey stick and the amount I lost added onto the product. Great flower. Will be coming back. Pre package is a bit dry though.
2 months ago

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