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Leading Cannabis Retail Dispensary Company in Nevada, Expanding to Legal States. Our Mission, as a Company and a Dispensary, is to make Marijuana legally accessible and socially acceptable. We believe in patient dignity and supporting the community members we serve. We have spent our lives building relationships and opportunities within the Silver State and we appreciate all those who continue to make this Industry successful.

We are a local Team of Northern Nevada residents, born and raised in the very industries that make our State unique. From Cannabis to Art to Tourism, Gaming and Technology, Nevada Industries have led the rest of the Country in tough regulation. We have each entered the Medical Marijuana arena because of our belief in the therapeutic value of Cannabis. It has become our goal not only to serve our Patients, but our communities.

At Mynt Cannabis dispensary locations, patients can find a broad spectrum of options available including flowers, edibles, topicals, vape oils and concentrates made from the highest quality cannabis. Mynt proudly offers a vast selection of pure quality cannabis products that we have strategically chosen to create a robust supply chain for our patients.

Our goal to seek and empower our patients and patrons with the most extensive product line and cannabis knowledge available in the state. Our budtenders and agents are chosen for their vast experience in the medical cannabis field allowing for our patients to learn about the growing industry and how it effect their healthcare needs.

Patrons visiting Mynt's dispensary storefront will find that the lobby and retail area are warm and inviting and strives to embrace the rich history of the area while merging both art and nature professionally designed to provide the environment where every visit is comfortable and fun


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Other Reviews

So I've been to so many shops from southern California to northern Nevada and let me tell you MYNT is on of the best. The Kanji concentrates are on point the infused prerolls are super fire and super fat. Great bud tenders great prices.
in the last week
Sean is a great budtender. The fire pit in front of the makes this a one of a kind dispensary
in the last week
Great medicinal knowledge, great products, great staff. Only suggestion is moving the coffee to the wait room somehow to keep us a little more comfy while we wait. Wait is worth it, once your in back you aren’t rushed and the process is fine. The staff explained the raise in taxes, but let’s not complain since Reno’s highway art is ranked higher than the education.... and the sales help educational expenses. Edit: coffee is in the waiting room. Mynt cares about our balance.
2 months ago
Wasn't sure what I wanted. The sales rep seemed irritated with all my questions. Then after I picked multiple different varieties of flowers she was able to tell me oh that one's real good for anxiety and I'm not going to mention the brand name but it was not good for anxiety. be sure you do your own research before you go in. Know what you want.
2 months ago
Awesome and super friendly service. Bridger took the time to answer all my questions about dried flower VS vape concentrates. Will definitely come back the next time I visit Reno.
3 months ago

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