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Mission Statement

Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit with sun grown cannabis from our farm to our patients – one patient at a time.


Our Products

We’re passionate about ethically farming the finest medical cannabis, harvesting these plants with great care and improving the lives of the people who grow them.   We are passionate about serving our patient’s needs and delivering the highest quality medical cannabis and cannabis products from our farm and from our kitchens to our patients.


Our Patients

We are fully engaged with our patients – we connect with, laugh with and share a sense of community with our patients.  While a patient experience starts with our sourcing the best products to help them live their lives to the fullest, at the very core of our company we believe its also about serving others and relationships between people.

Our Dispensaries

When our customers feel this connection, our stores become a familiar face where staff knows the patients and patients feel a sense of community.


Our Neighborhood

Every Canopi store is part of a community.  We take seriously our responsibility to be good neighbors and to give a helping hand or an ear to listen.  We want to be a positive force for healing and for change.  We accept this responsibility.  Forward!


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Other Reviews

I just enjoyed a yummy gummy ?? thank u so much for great selections.Lucinda Williams & Boss Hogg are my 2 best friends now. Loved everything. Detroit blues & my night nurse was sexy ?? My first time in Vegas was definitely lovely thanks to y'all. A little slow with paperwork but I was too excited after reading menu 20 times. So maybe it wasn't that long ?! Thanks to all
3 months ago
The staff is phenomenal. They are ALWAYS smiling, ready to help, happy, laughing, and will put you in a good mood just from talking to them. They are willing to look up ingredients for allergies before purchase for you of any edibles. They will always happily pull things out of the display case so you can examine and sniff test it. The staff remembers their loyal customers. And you can even get in line ahead of arrival via phone (now that's awesome for busy times!). These guys treat you like friends not like a consumer. ??
2 weeks ago
Good service, good selection, and by far the best prices in the valley. Always have deals going on, too. It’s worth me driving from the east side/Henderson but I hope you guys open up a store over here soon!
2 weeks ago
This place has gone downhill fast. They are the 'bait and switch' capital of Las Vegas. They used to have great prices, some of the best in town. Not any more. They now have the highest prices in town. Used to be great service. Not any more. Wait times are routinely over 30 mins. An incompetent system and a lackadaisical front desk takes people out of order, much to the frustration of folks who got there first, whether for medical or for recreational. Used to be honest. Not any more. The salespeople show you a product with an alleged percentage, (of THC); but when ya get the product it is ALWAYS a lower percentage. And their weights are short, usually by as much as ,25 grams! This place needs to be investigated. And shut down. I only gave it one star because otherwise I could not have posted. Stay clear of this place. They give the industry a bad reputation.
2 weeks ago
I had to give a star to make a review! This place is robbing you! I paid for a gram and got a 0.8. I knew it looked small so I recorded myself opening the package and weighing my flower. I called and asked to speak to the manager, which I was very nice too and wasn’t really tripping about it. She stated it’s not them it’s the grower! I get it but I tried to explain that I paid for a Gram and the label states it’s a gram! Let’s think about this, how many people are purchasing from this dispensary and may have the wrong amount? Amanda didn’t want to help! I’m not saying to give me a whole gram for free but at least give a dollar off or something! Didn’t offer any kind of customer service! EAT ROCKS! I don’t know how your a manager. I’m also going to put in a complaint to the state. And their not the only one doing this! Worst place ever! Thanks Amanda ??
2 weeks ago

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