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Mission Statement

Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit with sun grown cannabis from our farm to our patients – one patient at a time.


Our Products

We’re passionate about ethically farming the finest medical cannabis, harvesting these plants with great care and improving the lives of the people who grow them.   We are passionate about serving our patient’s needs and delivering the highest quality medical cannabis and cannabis products from our farm and from our kitchens to our patients.


Our Patients

We are fully engaged with our patients – we connect with, laugh with and share a sense of community with our patients.  While a patient experience starts with our sourcing the best products to help them live their lives to the fullest, at the very core of our company we believe its also about serving others and relationships between people.

Our Dispensaries

When our customers feel this connection, our stores become a familiar face where staff knows the patients and patients feel a sense of community.


Our Neighborhood

Every Canopi store is part of a community.  We take seriously our responsibility to be good neighbors and to give a helping hand or an ear to listen.  We want to be a positive force for healing and for change.  We accept this responsibility.  Forward!


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Other Reviews

The best prices in vegas hands down.... and they always have sales... i just hope they open up new stores soon and perk up their ad promotions so i can get updates of their deals online, email, or via phone... get their business yall
in the last week
Nice place to get some good weed
2 weeks ago
Organized safe and friendly! Good quality product! Will return.
2 months ago
I was treated so poorly today. I had a pile of "Canopi Cash" on the back of receipts. I was told they were no good because there is a new owner and new manager. I could deal with that. Sucks, but life happens. Then my Oregon drivers license wouldn't scan on their machine. She actually asked me if I had my passport. Seriously? She would not allow me in even though I had photo identification and a stack of credit cards and an Oregon Medical Marijuana Card. She wouldn't let me in because her little machine wouldn't scan it. Wow...I drove two blocks to Blackjack Collective dispensary and they said "Sure! You are more than welcome to come in and purchase our cannabis!". They were very kind to me.
3 months ago
Canopi is one of the best Cannabis Dispensary's in Vegas! Only place you can get Real Sun Grown Strains! They also have some of the best prices in town! Great loyalty member program and always have coupons in their ads. Also have Canopi Cash days for even more savings! Don't be discouraged by the other reviews saying their product is dry and not good quality, that is completely untrue! We live in a Desert and all of the Las Vegas area Dispensary's product gets dry! It happens more with Sun Grown Cannabis due to the volume of product at Harvest, compared to small batch indoor growers! There is no loss in quality when Cannabis gets dry just when it's old! 5 months since Harvest is the oldest product I have ever gotten at Canopi and you also have to factor in the time it takes to properly Cure Cannabis after Harvesting. Some strains take more then a month to cure so remember that when looking at the Strains Harvest Date. Canopi most definitely doesn't sell old dried out low Quality Cannabis!!! They also have great prices on Concentrates from Scarlett Oil Works, cheapest I've seen in all of Vegas. If you haven't visited Canopi North or any of their other locations you need to check them out it's definitely worth your time and ??!!!
9 months ago

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