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Mission Statement

Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit with sun grown cannabis from our farm to our patients – one patient at a time.


Our Products

We’re passionate about ethically farming the finest medical cannabis, harvesting these plants with great care and improving the lives of the people who grow them.   We are passionate about serving our patient’s needs and delivering the highest quality medical cannabis and cannabis products from our farm and from our kitchens to our patients.


Our Patients

We are fully engaged with our patients – we connect with, laugh with and share a sense of community with our patients.  While a patient experience starts with our sourcing the best products to help them live their lives to the fullest, at the very core of our company we believe its also about serving others and relationships between people.

Our Dispensaries

When our customers feel this connection, our stores become a familiar face where staff knows the patients and patients feel a sense of community.


Our Neighborhood

Every Canopi store is part of a community.  We take seriously our responsibility to be good neighbors and to give a helping hand or an ear to listen.  We want to be a positive force for healing and for change.  We accept this responsibility.  Forward!


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Other Reviews

LOWEST EDIBLE PRICES IN TOWN!!! Theses guys are fast and friendly and very informative I've been to quite a few dispensaries as I like to shop around and I don't think I'll be shopping around anymore they are that impressive and have my business for sure. I recommend the head cheese or even better the WiFi Og it's amazing...
This was a great stop while in Vegas. The weed is cheaper than anywhere else I've found in town. Be careful when selecting your choice as the prices are not easily discerned and you could end up with something way more than you thought. Other than that the people are awesome and most prices are great. Go here when your in Vegas and want some great weed at a great price.
Made purchase on 5/2/18, didn't my local 10% discount. I call 2 hours after my purchase, speak with a manager, he verified that the local discount was not applied and should have been. He told me to come in now, i asked if i could come in another day(as i live half an hour way). He offers the equivalent in Canopi cash, I accept, and await for his callback. A few days go by, I follow up after the weekend, left message. Next day I call and finally speak with the same manager, he apologizes for not calling back, working at other stores. I'm told "I spoke with the store manager, There was nothing we can do". ...Baffled, I try to explain he told me he could give me Canopi cash in exchange, otherwise, I would have made the excruciating 1 hour round trip if I needed to. "If its been over a week(which it hasn't, it is exactly 6 days)there's nothing we can do. Our policies have changed recently, i cant give you any Canopy Cash". I tell story of co-worker having same issue with no discount, showing receipt, and being given Canopi cash just a few days prior. "Well, they shouldn't have done that. There's nothing we can do." ...I've spent $500+ at the 3 Canopi locations combined. They verified they made a mistake, and refuse to do anything whatsoever to make it right. Canopi. you owe me $11.23, IT SHOULD NOT BE THIS DIFFICULT.
Friendly and knowledgeable staff makes this one of the best dispensaries in town. They have excellent specials, and the strawberry-flavored vape carts were heavenly. Great bud, swank facility, fair prices — an uplifting experience all around. Will return here next time around!
This location had really great customer service. I was helped by Bree and she was very helpful and informative. I was with my mother and my wife and she was very patient with us which I love because a lot of these type of places rush you and try to get you out to quick. And she did her best to get us the best deals which was also great. They had a pretty good selection and I'll definitely be back. Thank you for all your help. I just wish you could still use your canopi cash with your coupons still. They're the same as cash.

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