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Mission Statement

Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit with sun grown cannabis from our farm to our patients – one patient at a time.


Our Products

We’re passionate about ethically farming the finest medical cannabis, harvesting these plants with great care and improving the lives of the people who grow them.   We are passionate about serving our patient’s needs and delivering the highest quality medical cannabis and cannabis products from our farm and from our kitchens to our patients.


Our Patients

We are fully engaged with our patients – we connect with, laugh with and share a sense of community with our patients.  While a patient experience starts with our sourcing the best products to help them live their lives to the fullest, at the very core of our company we believe its also about serving others and relationships between people.

Our Dispensaries

When our customers feel this connection, our stores become a familiar face where staff knows the patients and patients feel a sense of community.


Our Neighborhood

Every Canopi store is part of a community.  We take seriously our responsibility to be good neighbors and to give a helping hand or an ear to listen.  We want to be a positive force for healing and for change.  We accept this responsibility.  Forward!


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Other Reviews

It's cool they just need to open up to date on this smoke I got some that was dry
My favorite shop. They get to know you. They are friendly and efficient. Amazon g6 customer service
Like all of them you will meet a very cool and friendly staff but can do without the future vibe and to much info with all the talking that districts someone like me that's been using most my life to be able to look and make my own discission on what I want unless I ask save it for the first timers after all they're just trying to make a sale I still prefer my dealer because I get more then what I would get at any dispensary and still a better quality.
Fantastic place! I love the products! Love the staff! They also have best prices in town on flower! :)
While you're inside it seems they have act together. Variety is pretty good and I felt safe. The only problem I had was not feeling safe outside. Its dark and there is security inside but not outside. The biggest reason I didn't feel safe was because I had to walk all the way to my car with this big white plastic envelope. Everyone knows what I'm carrying. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't send my wife there alone and have her walk all the way to her car with that plastic envelope. Maybe make something we can put in our pocket. I will be back. The pot is good. Just wish you had security outside as well.

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