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I have been coming here for about one year now. I stopped for a while when Med-Men first bought it out due to many reasons. I returned yesterday to speak with the manager. He made things right and showed me the inventory "which is getting better"I was very happy with the service the price and the quality of the flower that I picked up. The senior discount is 10% and I got that even on a sale item. I always loved this location. I live in the S.W Nevada Trails and I live n the middle of three dispensary's. locations. All three are very good but Copacabana will be my go to place again along with Zen Leaf.
2 weeks ago
I would spend your money elsewhere. The owner of the dispensary, Brian Padgett, hasn't paid his employees on time for the past several months. In fact, the staff just got paid a check that was damn near two weeks late. The employees that have left this job to try to find a job that pays you after working for two weeks haven't received any check for the month of May but were employed at that time. The money you spend here does not go to the employees, it only goes to Brian Padgett who only cares about himself. Go to a dispensary that has good weed and one that pays it's employees after they put in two weeks of hard work.
2 weeks ago
This is a busy location. I don't believe there has been a time where I didn't have to wait in a long line. But the service was good, the selection is good. And the prices aren't bad.
4 weeks ago
There are 2 buildings. Ignore the first one on the left as you pull in the driveway. Stay to the right, and go all the way around the 2nd building to find the entrance. Staff were nice. Professional. Bonus points for the security guard who was singing along to LL Cool J that was playing in the lobby. It's a large, clean space. Only a handful of customers, so I was waited on quickly. Selection for edibles seemed a little less than in other places, and they were more pricey. My first choices were out of stock. :( On the positive side, I received a $5 coupon for my next purchase, and 10% off for being local. They also gave me reusable carry bag. *note: bring the bag back on return trips or they'll charge you an extra dollar.
2 months ago
Stopped by this place while in Vegas. Staff was Amazing. Very Friendly and knowledgeable. My wife works at a Dispensary here in Colorado, so she was able to swap pins from Colorado with the guys who had pins from Nevada. The Head Cheese we got was AMAZING!!! We'll definitely be back every time we're in town. Thanks CANOPI Staff, you guys are great.
4 months ago

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