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It would be nice if you had some signs to direct you to parking. Tried to get in on blue diamond only to met by 2 fences and no way of knowing how to get to your establishment. I took my business elsewhere after two failed attempts at finding your parking lot.
3 weeks ago
It was nice not to need a licence. Great product as well and price was Nice.
4 weeks ago
Don't let displayed prices fool you. Residents get discount! Actually ends up being good prices & fantastic selection. Terrel came out from behind his register to help us. Very friendly & lnowledgable. It was our 1st visit & we will return.
3 months ago
I don't generally use, i went with a friend for support. But it is definitely an interesting experience and seems to truly help many ppl. Super intelligent, knowledgeable and friendly workers that want to find the best and proper product for each individual. Complete privacy as well. I would recommend the edibles to anyone turned off by smoking. Great people, products and a very clean place!
4 months ago
I would spend your money elsewhere. The owner of the dispensary, Brian Padgett, hasn't paid his employees on time for the past several months. In fact, the staff just got paid a check that was damn near two weeks late. The employees that have left this job to try to find a job that pays you after working for two weeks haven't received any check for the month of May but were employed at that time. The money you spend here does not go to the employees, it only goes to Brian Padgett who only cares about himself. Go to a dispensary that has good weed and one that pays it's employees after they put in two weeks of hard work.
5 months ago

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