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NuLeaf is a new approach in compassion through medical cannabis.

Our model for care delivers unmatched service and quality in a warm and welcoming environment.


Compassion. Service. Experience.

NuLeaf patients can always expect a world-class level of care and compassion with every interaction. Respect and dignity are the very core of who we are as a service organization and health care provider.


Staffed by the most experienced and professional team in the medical cannabis industry, NuLeaf patients can expect personalized one-on-one care and assistance in selecting the most appropriate cannabis to treat their condition.


NuLeaf's diverse leadership team has over 15 years of direct medical cannabis experience in various markets. With a forward-thinking approach to this dynamic medicine, we have pioneered industry best-practices and have proven ourselves leaders in this field.


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Other Reviews

The aesthetic, Atomsphere and customer service is the only reason I’m giving this place two stars instead of one. The prices are just insane. I won’t be going back despite it being the closest dispensary and being local. I understand the laws are different between here and Colorado dispensaries, but I can get a quarter in Colorado for the price of a gram here. On top of that, they ran out of bottom shelf weed so I was forced to pay higher tier prices. Other dispensaries have offered me low tier prices when they’ve been out what I wanted to accommodate for them being out of what I wanted. I do have to say the guy at the counter was helpful, personable and fun. I just cant justify the prices.
in the last week
One of the only dispensaries by lake Tahoe . Get ready to spend some money. They had a good 85$ deal for a gram joint an eighth of bud and a vape pen. However tax is gonna slap you around 20 bucks just for that. The weed was decent. Buy holy Hannah. Just not used to that pricing.
a month ago
Nicolette is an amazing employee/buds person! She answered all our newbie questions with kindness, patience and enthusiasm. What a comfortable and educational experience our multigenerational group just had. Can’t wait to try out our purchases! Highly recommend this place??????!
2 months ago
Visited 4 separate times in one week while on vacation. It’s the only dispensary on this side of the lake, and the prices show that. Went in on day one of my vacation and bought a battery and a cartridge for $70. The cartridge smoked well and I went back two days later for another. We bought a few different CBD products, some edibles, and another cartridge (totaling around $180). This cartridge was $10 more but the bud tender really talked it up so I decided to get it. Not even a day later and half of it had somehow leaked out before I had a chance to smoke much of it. Went back in two days later to purchase some more edibles and let them know that the cartridge had leaked. I had it on me, but forgot to bring a receipt, and they said they would be happy to replace it if I brought the receipt. I don’t have a car on me, so I had to make the trek back down and came back up with the receipt about an hour and a half later. They told me they couldn’t find where it had leaked from so they couldn’t replace it. The only thing they could offer me was 10% off my next purchase, but I won’t be spending any more money there on my trip. If your product is defective you should replace it, especially if a customer has spent $280 there in the last 5 days.
4 months ago
Really high end cannabis store. Super clean and friendly staff. Prices were a little above average but the experience justifies it. I've been to some pretty rough dispensaries between Colorado and California and this was definitely one of the nicer ones. It's amazing how the experience can differ from each one.
4 months ago

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