Is marijuana legal in Montana?

Recreational marijuana is not yet legal in Montana. However, medical marijuana is legal for qualified patients with a state-approved medical marijuana card.

How long is my medical cannabis ID valid?

Cards are typically valid for one year, though a physician can specify shorter time periods. Once issued, cardholders must have their card and photo ID on their person at all times.

Can minors enroll in the program?

Yes, parents or guardians can apply for the minor by completing the minor card application or being approved as a Marijuana Infused Products Provider (MIPP). From there, they must receive the standard physician approval that is signed by two doctors.

Can nonresidents enroll in the program?

No, Montana state law (pdf) allows for only legal residents to participate.

Where can I buy medical marijuana in Montana?

Registered medical marijuana patients may purchase cannabis from a state-approved provider they have named. Providers may sell cannabis to registered cardholders through dispensaries that have been licensed by the state.

Where can I consume medical marijuana in Montana?

It is your best bet to consume medicinal marijuana in the privacy of your home with no children around. To be specific, the state bans consumption at the following locations:

  • Healthcare facility
  • School or postsecondary school
  • Any property owned or leased by a school or postsecondary school
  • School bus or public transit
  • Public parks, beaches and rec/youth centers
  • Places of worship
  • The open public
  • Any location where children's health could be affected

Can I grow my own medical marijuana in Montana?

Yes, but you cannot have a designated provider and must notify the state department of your grow’s location on the property. If planning to cultivate on rental property, the individual must provide a signed and notarized Landlord Permission Form.

If I decide to grow my own medicinal cannabis, will my name be given to law enforcement?

No, however, law enforcement can call the state department to verify a cardholder’s status. Additionally, home cultivators are required to inform the department of the location of the grow.

Does having a license give the authorities probable cause to search me or my property?

No, state law notes that a registry ID card or license does not satisfy as probable cause.

Can I get fired for medical marijuana consumption?

Yes, state law allows for employers to discipline employees if medicinal marijuana impairs job-related performances.

I'm from out of state, will Montana honor my medical card?

Yes, with restrictions. Montana offers reciprocity to out-of-state cardholders for possession and consumption. However, out-of-state cardholders are not permitted to shop at Montana dispensaries. 

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