Is medical marijuana legal in Mississippi?

Not yet, but it's close! After voters approved medical marijuana on November 3, 2020, with Initiative 65, the bill was not approved, as problems with redistricting led the state supreme court to rule it invalid. However, state legislature is close to passing the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act of 2022 as a result.

Is recreational marijuana legal in Mississippi?

Recreational marijuana is illegal in Mississippi. Small amounts of cannabis are decriminalized (up to 30 grams), punishable by a $250 fine. It is possible to receive up to 90 days of incarceration.

How can I get my medical marijuana card in Mississippi?

Qualifications for medical marijuana can be found on our Mississippi Marijuana Laws page.

Where can I buy medical marijuana in Mississippi?

Dispensaries are not yet open at this time. 

How much marijuana can I possess at one time in Mississippi?

Possession limits are still being set at this time.

Where can I smoke marijuana in Mississippi?

Cannabis only be legally consumed in Mississippi in a private residence.

Can I get a DUI for using marijuana in Mississippi?


Can I possess a gun and use medical marijuana in Mississippi?

As with other states with legalized cannabis of any kind, medical marijuana patients are not allowed to possess a gun or ammunition thanks to the federal Gun Control Act of 1968.