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What's to say. Always reliable and have been here more than any other dispensary. They always have what's on the menu and have a wonderful selection. Edibles are all good. Flower all good. Wax is good. Carts are good. Pre rolls also good. I hope I'm not leaving anything out. Will be back for more. They stayed open late one evening due to their card machines being down and let anyone who stuck it out to run to the bank and grab cash. Definitely some wonderful customer service. My go to from now on!
2 weeks ago
Great little spot, my only complaint is sometimes I get an eighth and it’s short. Otherwise it’s a nice small convenient spot with fair prices for Massachusetts. Almost a zero wait time
a month ago
Caroline's and the people working there are amazing - super helpful and very friendly! If there is a line, it always moves quickly! Will miss going there now that the Governor has forbidden safe and regulated oils for medicine, forcing people to other states or the black market. Hoping it doesn't last so I can start going to Caroline's again (and hoping they survive the loss of business during the ban, too)!
a month ago
I went to Caroline's to purchase for a friend (seriously) who was too nervous to do it. I don't know the first thing about their products and found the staff to be very helpful and understanding. The place itself is small, clean, and professional. The number of options were a little less than I expected, but I have nothing to compare it to. Next time I'll drag my friend and then she can go on her own!
a month ago
By far one of the best experiences in all of the MA Rec marijuana places I've visited. Friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to listen. I was there when someone asked about a particular product offered in a diff MA dispensary. They are going to look into carrying it. That for me would make this a 10star dispensary. It's not always about the size, but about the quality of the experience. :) I'll be back every week.
2 months ago