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Commonwealth Alternative Care is a cannabis healthcare provider which brings to market high-quality medical marijuana products in a unique and inspiring setting. The company’s goal is to empower those who seek alternative healing by offering premium medical cannabis products. Commonwealth Alternative Care partners locally to add value to our patients and communities through education, outreach, charitable giving, and community involvement. Commonwealth Alternative Care is focused on providing medical cannabis in the forms of flower, edibles, concentrates, oil, shatters, wax and sugar.


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Other Reviews

Hands down the best dispensary in Massachusetts. The best medical service!! CAC always has an incredible selection, I’m never disappointed. Thank you so much for pricing in favor of the patient! A special thank you to Megan for her incredible patience and knowledge.
in the last week
The staff was incredible and the product selection was top notch. New patient deal amazing and quick to register for. 10/10 MJ leaves from me! More than worth the drive from Dorchester.
2 weeks ago
Unless they can make up for the fact that they lied to me and wasted my time driving there for a $99 ounce sale, when I specifically called to make sure they'd have enough until I got there, I definitely wont be going back there ever again!!! If you dont put a limit on the amount patients can buy, and dont have enough product to even last a whole day of the sale, then at least be honest with me when I call to ask!!! The quality of products has also gone down since the last time I visited, so I definitely wont be wasting anymore money or time on this dispensary!!!!!
3 weeks ago
Medical Review: Parking - Decent amount of parking spots and easily accessible. Atmosphere - Nice stylish layout with products on display. All eyes on you, when you enter the dispensary floor. By that I mean all employees our staring at you as you walk in (a little unnerving). Staff - Friendly and knowledgeable. Product - By far the best concentrates around. Flower is priced on a tier system, the more you pay the better the quality (all teirs decent). Very wide variety of edibles.
a month ago
Extremely friendly and attentive staff who know the products and will help you get what you need. Great quality flower and concentrates. Couldn't recommend this place enough.
2 months ago