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On June 24th, 2015, ATG became the first dispensary in Massachusetts to begin serving registered patients. The dispensary is located in historic Salem. ATG strives to offer a safe and enjoyable experience for our patients. Please visit our website at to learn more


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Last updated on Sunday, February 18, 2018

No recreational menu available for this location.


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Other Reviews

This place is amazing.. super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Always have bud. And prices are reasonable for what your getting. Clean and professional shop, and almost 0 wait times.. I highly recommend this place
2 months ago
Very nice first visit. Easy parking, NO WAIT AT ALL at about 10am Wednesday morning, very nice bud tender Dylan, and so far so good on what I've tried out. Better than the other place I went to, and closer. I also liked the security.
4 weeks ago
Easy parking on site, friendly security and staff, and the lines weren't too long. This is my second time coming here and I appreciate they've lifted the store limit for recreational use. The selection is good for flower and a nice variety of strains for different desired effects. The edible options are limited and the menu could use some improvements but these things don't matter as much to me as good quality flower does. I'll be back again soon!
a month ago
While I understand the need for security, guards were overly aggressive and spoke to paying customers like children. When I arrived the parking lot was full. I noticed a car parked near the grass so I parked behind it. Security approached my car and told me to move. Even though other cars were allowed to stay parked near the grass, I cooperated and moved my car. I waited in line and when it was my turn to enter the building , the security guard let me in and told me to stand near the wall. Like before, I cooperated and stood near the wall. The same security guard the told me to stand near the empty water bottles. Again, I cooperated and moved near the water bottles. Apparently, the security guard decided I wasn’t standing close enough to the water bottles because he continued to harass me. When he threatened to escort me out of the building for absolutely no reason, at that point I had enough of his nonsense. I told the lady at the front desk to call a manager. She allowed me into the second room and told me a manager would meet me there. I entered the second room where yet again, I was treated like a child by another security guard who told me to “relax”. A man came into the second room. I told him what happened while the first security guard was giving me dirty looks through the glass window. He responded, “thank you, I’ll let the manager know”. Since I received no apology, I assume he condones guards harassing and intimidating paying customers. After going through hell, I was finally allowed to purchase my weed and leave. With that said, treating customers like trash will only get you so far. As MA has legalized marijuana, there will be other stores opening soon. And when that happens, I'm sure people will be more than happy to stop patronizing “Alternative Fascist Regime” in favor of other customer friendly stores.
a month ago
This has to be one of the most unwelcoming dispensaries I've ever been to. they have you stand in 3 lines, one of which is outside. Then another inside a small room. Then you guessed it, another final line inside the actual dispensary. Get some folding chairs and deli numbers people. You can afford it with your 94$ quarters. The Price? Terrible but at least the bud was good, but not that good... It feels like price gouging as a medical patient from out of state. I understand that they can't offer medical prices to out-of-state medical card holders but the fact that they wouldn't give me the veteran discount they offer MA medical card holders really puts me off this establishment. I have never been to another establishment that has a basically a residency requirement on their veteran discount. The building was beautiful, but again you're standing in a line in the dispensary area. The staff was wonderful, once we finally got to a counter. The bud tender was pleasant and knowledgeable; and the only thing getting them two stars. I would not recommend this business.
a month ago