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Temescal Wellness in Pittsfield, MA

Recreational & Medical Cannabis Dispensary

At Temescal Wellness, our mission is quality care, customized for our guest’s needs.  We strive to be the most trusted and consistent cannabis provider in the markets we serve.

Wellness - We have a passion for improving our guests’ quality of life, starting in a safe, educational and comforting environment.

Quality - We cultivate, manufacture and dispense a variety of CBD- and THC-rich strains in an array of delivery methods - always with safety and sanitation in mind to ensure the highest quality.

Community - We have an unwavering responsibility to the vitality, safety, and security of our employees, guests, and communities we share.  


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Other Reviews

A bit more stark than some places but was super quick and easy to get in and out of. Were a little bit more expensive than the other nearest dispensary. Liked it that they had public bathrooms I passed on the way out but didn't notice anyplace to sit if I wanted to relax and go over their literature or look something up on my phone.
a week ago
I went here to experience my first legal buy I purchased a rhythm instant vapor pen. I was so anxious to try as I have never did it this way well I got home and eagerly opened the package and that's right IT DID NOT WORK AT ALL AND CONSIDERING THE PRICE... I would not recommend this shop..I called them and informed them of this and they basically did not care and said we cannot take it back so you lose..Great way to show that you want to be taken as a legitimate business when you will not stand behind what you sell even if it was defective. Shame on you for stealing my money....STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!
2 weeks ago
Nothing on display, meaning you can't see any product before you buy it. Not great. Then they wouldn't tell me anything about the strains because I was a recreational customer; interesting that Leafly has more info about some of their strains than they do... if you are getting something there don't be afraid to look it up (if the dispensary clams up). Other dispensaries at least gave basic info like 'relaxing', or 'good for appetite'. Likely won't return.
3 weeks ago
Mass rec is still way overpriced but location and service was very good. Selection was also pretty good. Over good shop.
a month ago
Absolutely awesome! A little pricey but the staff member I spoke to made it all worth it. She was incredibly knowledgeable and made the visit fantastic. I live an hour away and I will gladly travel here everytime.
a month ago

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