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Welcome to Berkshire Roots. We’re the leading cannabis purveyor in Western Massachusetts, home to the largest indoor cannabis grow space in the Berkshires. We’ve been bringing wellness to our community with medical cannabis since 2018 and are proud to have our doors  open for adult 21+ sales in April 2019!


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went today for the first time and had an awesome experience. There was no line and the vibe was great. Benjamin answered all of my questions and even had some recommendations. I have been to a few dispensaries in Massachusetts and this was the best experience I have had at any of them. Well done, will be back soon.
in the last week
Does not matter about my experience at the shop because that went out the window when I got home ans weighed the goods. Shorted on 1/8. I have a nice scale. It does not lie. I bought at a shop like this so I did not need to worry. They should weigh it out in front of people. Weigh the goods out if you choose to shop there. Update: Thank you for offering to fix it. I live 3 hours away so that does not work.
a month ago
We just love this business. My girlfriend and I stop in every few weeks now to pick up flower products. On everyone of our 6 visits so far we have seen: 1. Friendly and helpful security staff (not at all scary they are a very comforting presence). 2. Competence and consistent courtesy from all staff. 3. Good knowledge of product by the staff. 4. Speedy and extremely friendly service. (Never underestimate the power of a smiling employee to bring back customers). 5. Great quality products. This shop will be on our list of go-to locations long after we win nationwide regulation.
3 weeks ago
A very nice place! Everyone was super friendly, you are in and out fast and the selection is better than most places. The variance in products and the prices are what made us visit. I almost made the mistake of going to Theory not far away and was blown away at their lack of diverse product and their prices were a lot higher. Will be back to visit next month, thank you for all you do!
3 weeks ago
Great, this is such a great place to purchase marijuana products. We've had the same guy 3 times and his knowledge is amazing. Never pushy, and takes the time to educate newer smokers or long time smokers about their great products. I'm still giving them 5 stars but their website is quite confusing in regards to veterans. If your a 100 percent service connected disabled veteran and live in Massachusetts they give a 40 percent discount. If your a Veteran they give you a 20 percent discount. At first, we were excited, because the website said "ALL" veterans will get a 20 percent discount with proper proof of Military service or have a VA card. But when we went to buy our products. They didn't give us the 20 percent discount because we weren't "Massachusetts residents", when we pulled up the website and showed him the wording he apologized for the confusion and said he'd let the website people know to be more specific. I've been to every state that sells recreational marijuana and medicinal and all of them give between 20 to 25 percent just for being a vet no matter where your from! In the end it doesn't matter, they are a business and 40 percent off for a 100 percent disabled veteran is HUGE! Which is why my wife and I still go to Berkshire Roots. They care about their products, they care about their customers and they care about Veterans.
5 months ago