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Patriot Care provides high-quality medical marijuana strains and edibles at three convenient Massachusetts locations.


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Siri Naturals prudcts are sold here and its super good stuff, along with other suppliers, potent for even the pro smokers. Love this place. Super long lines and expensive products due to the market demand and lack of local dispensary. Hoping to see more open up and also better pricing. Still highly recommended. You cant view any buds or anything until after you leave the store. You choose from a list and wait in line outside, when they are busy. They call people in 6 at a time and parking is two parking lots down. I visited for recreational use.
2 weeks ago
Hit or miss on what they even have. Very small selection. Oh, and we went THREE HOURS before closing and they said their line was too long to get through before closing and they were not allowing anyone else to get in line........ There were maybe 7 people in line..... Go to NETA... Better prices, better products, tons more products, better educated staff, order ahead to pick up option, twice the line but twice as fast. It was a good try by Patriot Care... They won't be around long. ??
a month ago
Decent selection of flower and happy with my purchase of the Dream Lotus. They only had one type of edible available with only 3.3mg THC per serving. Wish they had pre-order available so you know what you can get ahead of time and also be able to skip the line (I waited 45 minutes at 11am on a weekday).
4 weeks ago
Snowball S1 Is very good with a potent flavor. Wax is insanely overpriced, but the flower is usually on point. Also, the points rewards for medical patients are a plus.. That wax needs to be cheaper though. I get 1 gram of superb wax in Brookline for $50.. I will never pay $50 for one half gram. They need to drop the price. Shatter price is a bit high too. Overall, a good place for flower.
a month ago
Literally bought a quarter here for $100 and weighed it and it was 3.2 grams from a sealed container. I don’t even know what to do because I’m pretty sure there’s a no return policy. Definitely won’t be coming back. Ever. (Also a medical patient ) Never had a problem in the past year going here but this is just too much.
3 months ago

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