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Patriot Care provides high-quality medical marijuana strains and edibles at three convenient Massachusetts locations.


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Anyone complaining about long rec lines are complaining to the wrong people. Contact your local leaders who are blocking applications for dispensaries in your town. The reason patriot care is ridiculously busy is because they're the only rec dispensary in the county. Until that changes, the lines will be long. The demand is too high. Patriot Care has an awesome staff and friendly security guards. They're over worked and not equipped to supply such a wide area. The cultivation team is putting out some of the best flower as fast as they can. HANG IN THERE, PATRIOT CARE. I'm sorry not everyone is appreciative of your services.
in the last week
In typical MA fashion they legalize marijuana but don’t treat customers decent. For example, when you visit this store you have to stand in line outside for at least a half hour before you get inside and wait more. They check your ID at least twice before you even enter and the prices are a bit high. In addition to this there are police and security guards present the entire time and you have to park away from the building. Having police doing detail work, security guards and staff over-checking IDs all adds to the cost problem. Compare an experience here to CA where you park in the parking lot and walk in the store like a consumer and you will understand how anything in MA is a failure.
3 weeks ago
It's a great dispensary lot to choose from! I would suggest checking it out. Was much happier before when it was just a medical patient place. Everything was always on point before now the pre weighed out stuff keeps coming up short might only be point 3 or point 6 but on 3 of 4 bottles that adds up to 2 grams.
a month ago
Literally bought a quarter here for $100 and weighed it and it was 3.2 grams from a sealed container. I don’t even know what to do because I’m pretty sure there’s a no return policy. Definitely won’t be coming back. Ever. (Also a medical patient ) Never had a problem in the past year going here but this is just too much.
a month ago
Ive been a medical patient who visits Patriot Care Lowell few times a week to get all my medical cannabis needs met. The staff there is always super friendly and educated on the products they sell and what will work best for whatever you need to treat. Also love that they are only place that recycles their bottles & give you a small discount for them back. Over all a great place for medical or recreational. Dropped it to one star as I'm here and menu says one thing and they do not have item and man serving me is super rude wish they had name tags! I'm a medical patient & shouldn't be treated like that!
a month ago

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