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Patriot Care provides high-quality medical marijuana strains and edibles at three convenient Massachusetts locations.


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I only live 15 minutes away from the place, so I called them at 7 pm because I was curious of whether or not there was a wait. The girl at the desk made up a story saying there was a 45 minute wait and a line outside, and if I don't get there by 7:30 I wouldn't make it in. I get there not even 15 minutes later and there's absolutely nobody there, only 2 people in line inside with every register open. I was in and out. I understand you probably can't wait for the last hour of your shift to go by and selfishly you want it to be easy, but uh..don't lie to the customers. Definitely isn't fair nor is it a good look. She was rude when I got there too. Grow up, it's your job. Despite that, I've never had a complaint.
in the last week
So far as a new patient I love the place. Good opening deals- will definitely keep me in for that first visit but after that it's not economic to be buying from them. 50 dollar eighth and 100 dollar quarters are all over the place- get on the competition bandwagon and lower prices of flower. Otherwise it's just another one of those places to hit for their new patient specials and bounce to the next one.
a week ago
My first few experiences at a dispensary was here. It was like going to the RMV. The most unfriendly staff every time. Wait times were awful just to get in and have 3 people working recreational. Go to Gage or Good Chemistry, they’re exactly what you would hope and more. Faster, so friendly, double the limits. Oh and they’re open until 8 but not for 90 percent of customers, they turn you away because they have plans or something. Good chem and gage open until 9 and 10, legit open. Patriot care you there’s a way better way to do business. Go take notes from another dispensary.
3 weeks ago
Love this place! When I started coming here, it was medical only. I was worried about what would happen when they opened up for recreational use too, but they’ve done a fantastic job of prioritizing medical patients. Staff is great/very friendly and the selection of product is always good. Plus, it’s dog friendly!!
a month ago
Website said that there was a 1 oz limit on flower, so I decided to make the hour and a half trip. When I got there on a weekday morning, I stood in a 45 minute line. Once I made my order, I was told that there was a 7 gram limit per visit, which made the trip not worth it for me because I use a lot for medical reasons. I made my purchase anyway at a high price. I figured it should at least be high quality for that price. Once I got home and opened them up, I saw dry, crumbly flower that was harsh to smoke. One of my eighths was only about 1.5 grams. I felt very disappointed that I just paid $60 for a low quality 1.5 grams and made a 3 hour roundtrip. I have since found a new dispensary that is far more customer-friendly.
a month ago

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