Look for the YELLOW security jackets! | BLACK AND GREEN SIGNS | ENTER HERE sign | HC Flag - Towards rear of parking lot. Also look for the red, white, and blue OPEN flag. Pre-order and, walk-in available. 


Menu Changes WEEKLY:

-$6 | 0.5g Pre-roll | $8 AFTER TAX

-$12 | 1g Pre-Roll | Price BEFORE TAX

-Old Pal 14g Ready-to-Roll Pre-Ground Flower Pouches! THREE options available. Papers included.

-Checkout our ALL-NEW Cannabis Flower Tiered Pricing. | 30%+ Strains!

-Cantrip Infused-Seltzer | THREE Flavor Options 

-Full Concentrate Line-Up Available! 

-ALL-NEW "Mindy's Artisanal Edible's" Pricing. ALL FLAVORS

-HIGH TAC Pre-roll SINGLES and 3-5-7 PACKS!

DEBIT CARD ACCEPTED | Taxes NOT included in price | Order Total Rounded to the nearest $1

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Local, Educated, Exclusive. Premium Small Batch Products for the People. Here at Holyoke Cannabis our mission is to bring premium recreational products in all forms into a friendly, and well versed environment. Whether you are someone who enjoys throughout the day, or a first time user you can count on Holyoke Cannabis to elevate your recreational experience. 

Premium cannabis at a dispensary near you. 

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