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I love the staff and the products here! They are very reasonably priced on flower as well. I will say, their online ordering is not always working as toted, and as a consumer who doesn’t always have an extra 20 mins to hang around, I order ahead to save time not have it wasted. I find this unacceptable. If they could get the online ordering down I’d give them 5 stars.
a week ago
My favorite spot hands down thus far. Prices are always good, they have the best deals, best coupons, best text discount rates and all products are great and the staff is wonderful. The security guards are usually fun and friendly as well. Interior is relaxing and comfortable very homey and just welcoming. I tend to go here more than anywhere else. This is my #1
a month ago
The staff is phenomenal and the bud is always of the highest quality! I would recommend this dispensary to anyone especially in the south shore MA area. They are only medical but for those with cards they have plenty of discounts and their are always opportunities on the daily to save money and keep coming back with your budget still intact. I’ve been here almost 100 times and have not had one bad experience. Awesome dispensary and a leader in the industry. 5 stars and beyond
a month ago
Love the staff, product and pricing. See their stuff sold elsewhere for 50% more. Great selection of CO 2 oils. Really the only dispensary I go to these days.
a month ago
My wife placed an order for me this afternoon. She ordered 9d4 testing at %20. But when she went to pick it up they sold her a much lower %17 9d4. I think they try to get rid of their lower strength flower by switching it up like this. Not cool at all. I’ve been calling them for over an hour and they just don’t answer. Horrible customer service.
2 months ago

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