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Oh My God, I absolutely love Patriot Care even though I originally started with Neta when it first opened. I love the friendly secure environment, the staff are very knowledgeable, and they change their strains and products frequently! They have the best tasting bud and shatter at pretty decent prices! Prices starting at $8-$12 for a joint, $25, $50, $75, $100+ for awesome flower, and $35, $65, $100 for shatter or live resin! I highly recommend Patriot Care for the best flower and service!
in the last week
First visit here was terrible for the first time buying legally. Bunch of eyes staring at you with no help. Answered a phone call and the swat team of security was on me. They have since became a more friendly and helpful environment.
4 weeks ago
First of all, Ag Wellness (Ag is the periodic table symbol for silver) is the name not Patriot care and the address is 238 not 228. I took a 1/2 star off for that, But other than that, I have to say that the experience was very pleasant. Since this was my first and only, so far, visit to a legal Cannibus shop I have nothing to compare it to. The Budtender was very knowledgeable and patient as well as helpful. They had a nice variety of products and the quality is totally there. It's more expensive than street weed but if you're not growing it yourself at least you can be sure that you are getting a clean, pesticide and other contaminate free product. The other half star I take off only because I don't have anything to compare it to, not as a penalty. They probably deserved a 5. Note to the owner, have an IT guy work on getting the name and address correct when someone does a search.
a month ago
Very nice place, and not too crowded, even on the weekend. I picked up the best cartridge I've ever had from these guys, and their prices seemed competitive (all things considered). I'll definitely be stopping by next time I'm in the area.
3 months ago
Bring your driver's license, and take off your hat. This is a nice shop with helpful staff. Prices are horrendous, but they will come down as long as we support legal rec. Very good quality green, and excellent chocolate bars. I'll definitely go back on my next trip to Mass.
3 months ago

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