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Located in scenic Great Barrington, right on Route 7 (next to Price Chopper), Theory Wellness is Berkshire County's first medical and recreational marijuana dispensary! Obsessed with quality, we cultivate cannabis in small batches using unique genetics sourced from breeders around the world. We take great care to ensure the highest quality cannabis products across our diverse menu. We use the same harvested flower to make concentrates, preserving the aromatic qualities as they were intended to be. Our edibles, tinctures, and topicals are all dose standardized to ensure your experience is always consistent. We guarantee that all of our cannabis is contaminant-free as a result of rigorous independent lab testing. Our team is a culmination of farmers, scientists, thinkers, and makers to ensure the highest quality experience that adult use cannabis can offer.

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Happy Birthday Deal (Medical)
Last updated on Sunday, March 17, 2019


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Other Reviews

Recreational! We stood in line for about half an hour. We were there for a full hour. Decent selection. Staff was fun and friendly. Order ahead online to save time if you know what you want. 20% tax... Prepare for that.
in the last week
Great Staff Quality products. Selection can be limited at times due to the poor way the state rolled the program out and the high demand from a still limited number of shops. Because of the demand lines can still be pretty long but the staff posts twitter updates with approximate wait times and sometimes there are fairly short or even no wait. That's considerate and I'm not aware of any other shops doing this. Despite working very hard the staff looked happy to be part of this overdue type of establishment.
2 weeks ago
OK I love this place! The staff is great, friendly and knowledgable. The prices are a little high, but the quality makes it worth it. The demand has been so great that they have had to get other growers products and sold them as well as their own. The beauty is that Theory's products are superior to the other growers. The strains from Mimosa to Wedding Cake are awesome!
2 weeks ago
Long wait on a Saturday so it's recommended you get here early. You maybe waiting outside for an hour! Great people waiting in line with you make it pleasant. Employees are very helpful. Beautiful shop! The aroma is amazing! High Quality Product with detailed ingredients list on packaging. Labels show the balance of hybrids in their products. Enjoy we did!
3 weeks ago
Overall positive experience! Stood in line for two hours in the cold. Everyone around was super friendly and as we got closer to the door, Theory provided heaters which was a nice treat. The facility itself is gorgeous and they’ve got the process down as far as having plenty of reps available to assist customers. As we stood in line waiting our turn to be served, we observed the reps laughing with customers, upbeat, answering questions with enthusiasm- we were pleased with what we observed. Then it was our turn and the gentleman who helped us out was a total dud! I asked questions and it seemed as if I was bothering him and he answered with minimal information. The whole experience was fantastic up until that point. We’ll be back but hopefully we get one of the other awesome reps! Update: Went back to Theory and came out with a 5 star experience! The line was just as long as the first time but took less than half the time to get in. Our rep, Daniel was awesome!! It was totally the experience we were hoping for.
a week ago

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