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Other than the prices (much higher than California), this is a good place. Bobby F. was friendly and informative and knows his stuff. It seems obvious they are doing quite well as there's a large expansion going on. The prices will come down as competition increases. Great idea they have: an express line. If you know what you want and don't need to 'smell the flowers', it could save quite a bit of time. Great idea even if only for medical side at the moment.
in the last week
Good products when they have it. And I do mean WHEN they have it. If you see something you like on their website as far as bud goes, you better go right then and there because if you have to work all day (like myself), chances are it's gonna be sold out because there's no limit on what you can buy. Which unfortunately, screws people like me, or anyone else who has to work. Limits should be something like 2 or 3 grams.. or eighths.. or whatever size.. per person , per kind. That way at least there's a shot for people to try different kinds. The last time I went there after work (which was around 730), there was only 3 different kinds of bud there. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement because I just drove all the way there for absolutely nothing. But there's more stores opening to the public soon, so we'll see what happens
2 weeks ago
I’m a medical client and have been to many other dispensaries... I haven’t gone back to any of them in MONTHS since I found Northeast Alternatives. The staff in medical are super nice! If you are checking them out for the first time, you should definitely keep a look out for MIKE. He is super helpful and is very well informed on all the strains. I love that he gets to know his patients and can recommend strains that he knows will help. All my flower purchases HAVE TO BE MIKE APPROVED!!!! Shout out to him for always making my visits to NEA special. Take my word for it, you won’t find a better medical dispensary in Massachusetts!!
3 weeks ago
I go here for recreational use and the only downside is pricing. The staff is great and extremely friendly. They always have a wide selection of flower (blueberry muffins have become my favorite as of late) and carts available. Even the wait times are manageable, I’m typically in and out within 15-20 minutes at most. Once pricing comes down, which I’m sure it will once the mature reaches a certain point, this place will be perfect.
a month ago
I started coming in the week it was open for recreational. The staff is awesome, the selection varies but always is great. Prices are decent. Not as many "weekly deals" as I've seen out in Colorado, but pretty decent. NEA definitely has gotten increased foot traffic because of all the "there's no line" posts song with stellar service. Come expecting a 15-20 min start to finish. But, hey, the staff is pro giving you dedicated time but also keeping the line moving. Just chill.
a month ago