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Our vision is simple, and is reflected in our name.

We believe that patients deserve a friendly, safe, and professional environment to obtain cannabis.

We believe that we are set apart by our compassion for patients and our superior product quality.

We strive for this vision every day – in our products, cultivation methods, and our in-store staff.

If you are a first-time patient, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you to make the experience easy and intuitive.

And if you are an experienced patient, we hope that our products and staff will help Alternative Compassion Services stand out from the other options.

Please stop by and say, “Hi!”


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Other Reviews

They grow the best flower. Not a huge selection of flower. They usually have about 12 strains they grow themselves. They're growers invented the cornbread strain. Which is testing at 31% t.a.c. They also had purple chem at the same time testing at around 29% tac. Crazy fresh nugs!
in the last week
One of the best dispensaries in the state. Great selection, staff and prices.
a week ago
Great product and great staff. I was there tonight. I was looking at menu in the last register. When a man came up on my left side of me. I have MS he scared me I went straight into a tremor looks like a seizure. That was not cool. People should not be able to come up till called especially when serving another patient. I would recommend a RULE wait your turn. Maybe a menu at the door. People should not be allowed up to station untill called. Plus privacy rights Hopefully next time this won't happen . Other than that you guys are great. I really enjoy your dispensary. Thank you for such good staff. ??
2 weeks ago
Great variety! BEST edibles around! Staff is friendly and knowledgeable!
2 months ago
The absolute best dispensary around! In terms of price, selection and overall customer service! They have a pastry chef in the kitchen, cooking up some of the best edibles anywhere! I'm addicted to the hazelnut truffles at 20 mg a piece for $5.00. They are pure chocolate and hazelnut greatness!. The cookies are wonderful and their flower is good. You have to give them a try asap... you won't be disappointed!!
a month ago

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