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great staff, made me feel at home.and they answer dumb questions. lol
Extremely nice staff, no lines, and very decent product. (So what if it's a little dry - name a dispensary in MA that doesn't have flower that's a little dry. ...Plus throw a Boveda in your jar and you're fine.) The only complaint I have is that their concentrates and edibles are very overpriced. I simply don't understand how they can charge the amount they do when I know for a fact how cheap it is to produce.
This Place was Amazing and i was really impressed i dont know what this dude "The life of a man" is talking about they do come with a moisture packet but my flower weight was on point even a lil over on some of them please dont let this dude make you not check this place out because its awsome great menu awsome flower im def going back!!
Great place staff is very friendly and helpful and the bud is good the hours 10am to 8 pm are also convenient highly recommended .
Setup like a pharmaceutical lab, but product sucks. They put a moisture packet in each order to prevent dryness, but if you weigh your flower minus the packet, you will find it missing 2-3 grams. So the weight of the packet counts as bud! What a scam. To make it worse, the packet does keep bud moist but sucks it of its potency. No wonder this dispensary was a ghost town. You are better off smoking grass from the street.

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