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Garden Remedies: You need to properly 'burp' your cannabis otherwise it becomes musty and degrades in quality and effectiveness. Despite my attempts to fix what was delivered, I have been unable to completely get rid of the musty scent. I was certain it wasn't due to powdery mildew, because how would a medical dispensary have the balls to call PM cannabis medical quality?! I had imagined it was due to improper 'burping' and storage of the medicine, which was confirmed when I checked the date my cannabis was packaged, about 2 months before I purchased it. Cannabis needs to be 'burped' or breathe to encourage the curing process and assure the cannabis doesn't become musty. Dropping a moisture package in a batch and storing it away is not effective because the moisture package can only take on so much moisture, then the remaining excess moisture begins to destroy the medicine you have worked so hard to produce. You could maybe call yourselves a recreational dispensary but most certainly not a medical one. Not until you begin to care about your patients and the medicine you provide them. P.S I'm the veteran from the Berkshires that originally had an issue with you agreeing to deliver and then backing out and then agreeing again only to deliver musty inferior medicine. This IS a medicine and I think you forget, disregard, or perhaps simply don't believe it is.
I just visited Garden Remedies for the first time this week and I cannot recommend them highly enough! As a new med card holder and someone who has not really experimented much with marijuana, I had absolutely no idea where to start and came in with a laundry list of medical issues and just as many questions. Bridget, one of their staff, met with me for the better part of an hour to figure out what exactly was right for me for every situation I might need it for. It was such a positive experience, and everyone there was so welcoming and was genuinely happy to help a newbie out. Can't recommend it highly enough.
Amazing personable staff with amazing products!! Cleanest products around Boston and hands down the best edibles i have ever had!!!! I would even love to have the caramels with no THC they are so good!!!!! Worth the money for the cartridges too!!
The whole operation is on point top to bottom!!!:) after the smoke and dust clears and things begin to settle down here in the early days of the Wild West it’s gonna come down to two things.... #1 ) Quality of the flower!! I And #2) Customer Service!!!! Word-of-mouth will take care of the rest, one way or another!!! ask for Andrew he’ll take Good. Care or you, He’s gone above and beyond what I would expect and his knowledge of products mixed with his compassion and wonderful bedside manner he shows hasn’t steered me wrong yet:)!!! Thanks to him and the whole GR team for their hard work!!!!
I recently received my medical card (about two months prior to the writing of this review) and could not be happier. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I've asked countless questions pertaining to a wide variety of products and every answer is immediate (insinuating detailed knowledge of the entire inventory), easy to understand, and extremely helpful when deciding on what products will work best for treating your condition. The facility itself is impeccably clean, open, and inviting; not to mention right off the pike. 10/5

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