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Just had the worst experience ever in this dispensary. Have never had a problem before always treated well this time because I had an issue with one of the cartridges they refused to help me I explained that the cartridge gets stuck and will not pull and it's more than half full. They screwed the cartridge into a device and said the device is saying it's fine I explained, you're not pulling on it. They offered to go outside so I could try it myself I explained to them that I've just driven two hours and I'm not driving medicated, still they refused to help!! Very frustrated won't be going back here !!!
I recently received my medical card (about two months prior to the writing of this review) and could not be happier. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I've asked countless questions pertaining to a wide variety of products and every answer is immediate (insinuating detailed knowledge of the entire inventory), easy to understand, and extremely helpful when deciding on what products will work best for treating your condition. The facility itself is impeccably clean, open, and inviting; not to mention right off the pike. 10/5
Nice people extremely expensive. But compared to some of the other dispenseries and bad experiences I will always stick with this place for its share convenience and honesty . Have not had an issue with them yet and hopefully one other places have sold me broken disposable cartridges this place has not sold me any broken anything and they are very Up front and easy to deal with felt comfortable
Extremely nice staff, no lines, and very decent product. (So what if it's a little dry - name a dispensary in MA that doesn't have flower that's a little dry. ...Plus throw a Boveda in your jar and you're fine.) The only complaint I have is that their concentrates and edibles are very overpriced. I simply don't understand how they can charge the amount they do when I know for a fact how cheap it is to produce.
Setup like a pharmaceutical lab, but product sucks. They put a moisture packet in each order to prevent dryness, but if you weigh your flower minus the packet, you will find it missing 2-3 grams. So the weight of the packet counts as bud! What a scam. To make it worse, the packet does keep bud moist but sucks it of its potency. No wonder this dispensary was a ghost town. You are better off smoking grass from the street.

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