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This is the nicest dispensary in the area. Service is great and they are willing to answer a lot of questions. They are capable of answering all of your dispensary questions. The lines are not long but we will see what will happen when the 5 college students return. In the meantime it is relatively empty and the service is great.
in the last week
Condescending service (talking to me like I'm a little kid or something, a flat "no" when I asked if they have any plans to carry bigger dark chocolate bars), signs say "Patient Parking" but their customers are not patients as RISE are not doctors. When someone expresses interest in a product, acting like you care, at all, goes a long way. I will make the trek to another dispensary if ever needing to get edibles in the area.
in the last week
Discreet location surrounded by lovely rural farmland, super friendly staff, good selection and products, and a clean, modern and upscale interior. Next time I visit MA I will definitely be back here.
in the last week
I love rise. I love the customer service. Everyone is so inviting and kind there's no lines very good product ! If you don't want a 2 hour line or any line at all, go to rise !
a month ago
Nice place, but one question. I can't imagine what it's costing to have all those cops sitting in their cruisers all day doing absolutely nothing. The cruiser has been at the corner for weeks now with nothing to do at all. Somebody is getting the screws by these crooks.
2 months ago

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