Visit RISE Dispensary in Amherst, MA for adult use / recreational marijuana and medical cannabis products. Medical Marijuana Patients who visit our Dispensaries get a free consultation with a RISE Dispensary Pharmacist. RISE Amherst, MA Dispensary offers award-winning lab-tested marijuana products for registered patients and adults 21+. RISE Dispensaries mission is to provide safe, effective and therapeutic medical cannabis to medical marijuana patients & guests 21+ in Massachusetts. Visit RISE Dispensary in Amherst, Massachusetts to shop our online dispensary website to order online & for more information.

“In accordance with Phase II of the states reopening, beginning June, 18th 2020 Rise Dispensaries Amherst will be allowing limited in-store pick up for both Medical and Recreational provided that we follow strict safety guidelines for each type of shopper.

Recreational Guests: We are offering Online Ordering with Scheduled Pick-up. Ordering in advance is still required at this point; you must have a pick-up reservation upon arrival. Please arrive on time for your specified pick up window.  Upon arrival, all guests should expect strict safety requirements. You must wear a face covering, and have proof of identification 21+. Please observe safe social distancing of at least 6 ft while shopping at RISE. Adult use customers should be prepared for the possibility of waiting in line outside, as our in-store capacity has been reduced by 60% to allow for adequate social distancing. We are accepting both debit cards with chips, and cash payment for Recreational Orders. No walk-ins without a reservation. We will continue to evolve as regulations change.”

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