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Today was my 2nd trip to Mana Supply Co. I was warmly greeted on both occasions by Dave, he definitely impressed me with his knowledge and wanting to help. My fight is autoimmune disorder and multiple myeloma which is a bone marrow cancer. Definitely worth me coming back.
4 months ago
So...I went here on Monday to get their OGKush special 190.00, nice deal. However, this was my first time purchase and Bryan (the budtender) told me I couldn’t use my 30% first time discount because this was already discounted. Ok, so I said I’m over 55 yrs old I’ll use the wisdom discount. So, Bryan then proceeds to tell me that I can not use any discounts on any sale/deals because they are already discounted. Bryan said I can only use a discount on full priced cannabis, no other products, no pipes, trays or anything of that sort. I personally did not see any signs that stated “Discounts can only be use on full priced cannabis, or, anything that said, you can not use discounts on sale/deals”. So, please explain to me what the purpose is of a first time discount if you can’t use it on what your purchasing whether it’s on sale or not. For that matter, what is the purpose of offering any discount if you can’t use them unless you purchase full price cannabis. I came there because of the deal I should have able to use the discount as a first timer. Bryan also told me that their prices are lower than other dispensaries which is not true either. I also, know that other dispensaries allow you to use their discount on anything in the dispensary whether it’s on sale or not. I wasn’t even told about the rewards program which really doesn’t matter because I probably wouldn’t be able to use that either when time came to cash it in. I’m very disappointed in my experience here I thought the staff would be more forth coming with information about the programs they offer and how they worked. The only reason I found out about the discounts is, because someone I know went here and they told me. So...with all this being said, I feel I should have been able to use my 30% first time discount no matter what the cost of the cannabis. My advice to anyone reading this beware of Bait and Switch. ??????
5 months ago
Overall, nice dispensary! Staff was very friendly and helpful and extremely professional....excellent selection and specials!
8 months ago
Liars an mouthy they say its small buds an there are no small buds an then say it's shake what do u expect .i guess all other dispencerys are better .all the other dispencerys tell if it's powder shake this place hides other places sell the powder shake for 30 a quarter.
a month ago
Close to HOME!!!
10 months ago

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