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Vaporizers help a user consume marijuana differently than most other methods like a joint or pipe, which often combusts the product. Whether you have a portable or desktop contraption, each vaporizer will heat flower or oils to a very specific temperature that activates the cannabinoid and turns them into a vapor to be inhaled. Many believe that vaporizing is healthier than smoking because you’re not inhaling smoke. Having said that, vaporizers can be just as potent so always be careful when consuming as it’s difficult to know how much you’ve had as vapor is hard to see – or smell. Another alternative to the larger options within the vaporizer family is the “vape pen” or “e-vape”, which provides a level of discreetness and mobility because of how small it is. Please see “Vape Pen” for more information.


“I suffer from really bad asthma, so I always use a vaporizer that’s gentler on my throat.”