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Staff is wonderful, all of them. great selection and a comfortable atmosphere .
a week ago
Super nice employees. Great selection and consistency
a month ago
Update 5 : Just have to say overall, the wellness Conection is a great place to go, been coming here since they opened, The marijuana prices are fair, and they have listened about the to wet bud that did happen a while back and a few of us did complain . The consitrates have yet to get better though, they lowered the prices but it seems the just gave you less product for the lower price ! And outsourcing your cartriges seems like it would cost you more than producing them ? I SEE (100 ml ) of DISILATE for a hundred bucks at some of the deliver places ! How can they sell it for that price if you can’t ?? And why don’t you have higher QUANITY PRODUCTS /( more ML ) in cartriges ( 1 ML ) AND DISILATE ( 5 ML ) or so, FOR SOME OF US THAT NEED MORE FOR THE SAME AFFECTS CAUSE YOU DO HAVE THE QUALITY !! Take a look at COLORADO / CALIFORNIA / CANADA and other legal states or country’s ! A LOT MORE PRODUCTS AND WAY CHEAPER !! “YOUR PRODUCTS SHOULD BE AT LEAST AS GOOD AS YOU STAFF “ !!!! YOU HAVE THE BEST OF THE BEST !! Friendly / Happy / Always have a smile to share / know what they are selling and that makes a big difference, on where I go !!!!! Love you guys !!!!!
2 weeks ago
My favorite dispensary, they have a nice selection of Flower, very consistent quality, which is hard to come by. Good customer service and prices are on point.
a month ago
I would love to hear a response. You are a business and suppose to actually be caring about your "patients" however you decide to close whenever is good for you. I take medication daily. I can't imagine a pharmacy taking my online order and saying they are open until 7pm for me to pick it up and unbeknownst to me they actaully decide to close before 6pm not 7pm, their actual closing hours. I drove a good distance on Saturday into your place. I walked up to the door and shockingly it was closed and no sign as to why it was closed early. Explain to me how this is helping patients and not helping your own agenda? This is why more and more people should use delivery services and we can not rely on a big business likee you. We can't rely on you as a marijuana supplier because you're out for your own good and not us your customers. I can't imagine any other acceptable business being run that way
2 months ago

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