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Wellness Connection is a Gardiner Medical Marijuana Dispensary


Wellness Connection invites medical cannabis patients to their spacious Gardiner dispensary. They strive to educate patients throughout Maine of the many benefits of cannabis, going above and beyond to assure patients are receiving superior care. Medical patients can browse through their extensive dispensary menu of marijuana products, tested by ProVerde to assure pristine quality and effectiveness. Wellness Connection accepts cash and CanPay and provides ample parking.



Their team of cannabis professionals at Wellness Connection are dedicated to providing compassionate services. They consult with new and experienced patients to provide the best customer service experience during your journey to an improved quality of life.



Wellness Connection provides the Brewer cannabis community with nothing but high-quality medical marijuana products. Specializing in flower, their strains include a variety of classics like Chocolope, Blue Dream, MOB, Original Glue (GG4), and more. They also cultivate and curate strains that are in high demand and have been known to grow a variety of limited edition strains. Brewer patients who prefer a sweeter way to medicate can browse through an assortment of cannabis-infused cookies, Medi-Mix, chocolate, beverages, and seasonal treats. Wellness Connection creates its extracts using the essential parts of cannabis plant oils to create their concentrates. They also carry flavored vape cartridges made with a synthetic wick and secure mouthpiece available in 250mg and 300mg.


Service Locations

Wellness Connection is located downtown Gardiner in the historic train station on Maine Avenue next to the Kennebec River. Patients throughout Gardiner can find safe access to top-quality cannabis products. Wellness Connection extends their services to medical marijuana communities surrounding Gardiner including Augusta, Manchester, Whitefield, Windsor, Palermo, Vassalboro, and Belgrade. They also cater to patients residing in Monmouth, Lewiston, Auburn, Waldoboro, Livermore, Rome, and Washington.


Compassion Program

The Mark Bushey Program is designed to assist patients undergoing end-of-life care with complimentary services like in-home/in-facility delivery, coaching and support, and cannabis medicine. Patients can speak with a Wellness Connection team member to see if they meet all the qualifications. Please note that there may be a waitlist for this high-demand service.


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Other Reviews

Happy Anniversary WCM Gardiner! Mandy, Alexis and the entire crew where swamped today yet did a fantastic job keeping the flow going and served all. Well done. I highly recommend anyone looking for the best in alternative care to check out WCM Gardiner. It's worth the trip! God bless to all. Al :-)
in the last week
I've been coming to this dispensary for four years now. I lost my right kneecap when I was hit by an SUV in 2016 and I was very much not into getting hooked on an opioid after the surgery. The product here is exceptional, the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, and if you can get over the fact that Boehner is making a few cents off of every dollar you spend there (which I have), you will not find a better variety of pain relief products anywhere. Another big one for me is safety. The rash of vaping deaths across the country recently has received a lot of attention in the media and at the State and Federal level over the past year. The hysteria has mostly diminished but I think the take-home point from that entire experience was that black-market vaporizer cartridges aren't good. In fact, they might kill you. Unless you know what you're doing - which many, many in this great State do - I just don't like to take chances. WCM has a great quality assurance/quality control process that makes me comfortable and satisfied. Professionalism, courtesy, variety, and effectiveness. It's why I keep going back. And no - I'm not an employee and I'm not paid or affiliated with WCM in any way. Call me crazy, but I just like using a natural product to make my patella feel like one piece instead of six. I can get that and more here. Give them a shot. You won't regret it.
in the last week
I love the staff! They all know my name....very friendly & KNOWLEGDEABLE! Better quality items than any other places in the area. One place I went to in Winthrop didnt wrap their cones!!! Can u imagine???
a month ago
Amazing customer service, compassion and professionalism. They genuinely value their paitents. I am very impressed, and would highly recommend this business to others. Words cannot express how amazing and caring the staff are. It's amazing watching them help so many people, they are highly knowledgeable, reasonable, and they sincerely love what they do and want to help! I wish I could give 10 stars
3 months ago
Huge Coke heads work in this place such as Jen, Zach and Ben who work at the one in Gardiner. WELLNESS CORRUPTION. There are way better dispensaries than this place in and around the same area and ones that aren’t filled coke head employees who are putting a bad reputation on the weed industry. Get wellness connection out of Maine. Nobody wants you here.
7 months ago

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